Helping you to Rebuild your Relationship with Food

The Food Therapy Clinic identifies why you make the wrong food choices and helps you to reverse these patterns so that you can achieve permanent change.

Binge Eating Disorder

The Food Therapy Clinic uses a range of techniques to help you to finally control that binge-purge or binge-starve cycle.

Are you fed up of feeling out of control around food?

Have you had enough of the excruciating guilt and pain that you feel after you have binged?

Have thoughts of food or your binges over-taken your life, to the point that your relationships and job are suffering?

Have you noticed that you have put on a lot of weight in a short space of time but don’t feel able to do anything about it? 

Or maybe you keep telling yourself that every binge is the “last binge” before then bingeing again a day or two later?

Do you wish you could just maintain a healthy weight without having to worry about everything that you eat?


Reversing unhealthy patterns - freeing you to lead a happy and healthy life.

The Food Therapy Clinic understands why you are stuck in this vicious cycle of bingeing and then feeling guilty for having eaten so much and helps you to reverse the patterns that cause this cycle so that you can achieve permanent change. Bingeing is triggered by subconscious patterns that those suffering with binge-eating disorder have little or no active control over.  Nobody should have to deal with those feelings of guilt and shame that often come with bingeing.  It is common for individuals suffering with binge-eating disorder to also become very fearful of food more generally. At The Food Therapy Clinic we offer a unique treatment which combined techniques from NLP, CBT, mindfulness, nutrition, hypnotherapy and food psychology - to help you to finally break free from that cycle of bingeing and feeling guilty.

An interdisciplinary approach

Resolving the root cause

Providing a long-term solution


We find the root cause of your unhealthy eating patterns

The Food Therapy Clinic finds out why you are trapped in the binge-guilt cycle.  For each individual there will be unique drivers and psychological patterns that cause them to binge and then feel guilty over and over again.  Once we have identified these patterns and drivers, we can help you to make lasting changes - leaving you free to enjoy a healthy relationship with food and to enjoy your life!

Most therapists do not understand nutrition and most nutritionists do not understand psychology but at The Food Therapy Clinic we understand both and so can successfully help you to resolve your issues around food for the long-term. 

Much like driving, dancing or any other skill that we perform on auto-pilot - our eating patterns can become unhealthy automatic responses to triggers such as stress, sadness or loneliness. Using techniques such as hypnotherapy those automatic, unhealthy habits can be reversed for good.  However an understanding of nutrition is also key to enable you to make lasting changes.  Unlike other therapists we won’t just recommend that you eat less and exercise more - we know exactly what dietary changes are optimal for achieving long-term health and happiness. 

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