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Why can she eat whatever she wants and stay so thin?...

It must be her metabolism, right? I go on juice fasts, starve myself, count calories, weigh myself every day… but I only seem to get heavier and heavier. Yet she eats pizza, pasta, whatever she wants – when we go out for dinner and never puts on any weight - it must be genetic right? WRONG. Whilst people’s metabolisms will vary slightly – numerous studies have shown that, the heavier you are, the higher your metabolism will be. Meaning that the heavier you are – the more you have to (and can) eat to maintain your weight. So, the reason your best friend seems to be able to eat whatever she wants and you seem to put on weight just by thinking about cake, has nothing to do with your metabo

Is this what is really stressing you out?...

“I hate my boss” - “I have too much work to do” – “I wish I hadn’t had that fight with my boyfriend/husband” – “Mary is so selfish these days” – “Why won’t the rest of the team contribute on this project?”…. We often think that the parts of our life most responsible for stressing us out are our jobs and relationships (romantic or otherwise). Yet if we were to stop and become more aware of our inner dialogue– if we were to stop and listen to that voice in our head that narrates our life, how often would it tell us things like: “You are too fat” – “your belly is too big” – “you shouldn’t eat the rest of that cake” – “you need to go to a new diet tomorrow” – “she is so much thinner than you ar

I will start my diet…TOMORROW

I will start my diet tomorrow/on Monday/once I’ve moved house/once my birthday has passed/once things are calmer at work…which basically means – I will NEVER START MY DIET – because when tomorrow comes around, I will just tell myself again that I will start my diet TOMORROW …and in meantime, I will stuff my face full of “just a few last” cakes/biscuits/pizzas/every naughty food I can find, because from tomorrow I won’t be allowed them anymore. You can see how this pattern of thinking can end up leading to a lot of weight gain. When someone tells themselves that they will be on a restrictive diet plan from “tomorrow” they are basically giving themselves permission to eat far too much today.


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