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Why are evenings always the worst?...

The mornings are great – I plan so well, Always some healthy eggs and avocado, Lunchtime is good too I’m always so prepared, Maybe some salmon or a healthy salad. But in the evening – it all goes wrong I tend to completely fall off the wagon I’m tired, I’m stressed, I’m hungry too I eat more when I’m preparing my dinner, Than I’ve eaten all day long More than I’d ever intended I go to sleep mad I go to sleep sad But with a strong resolve To start my healthy eating plan again tomorrow. It is very common for those struggling with their weight to be eating most of their calories in the evening (sometimes very late in the evening). The pattern I very often see in the eating habits of those that

Mindful Eating

How often do you just sit and eat ... I mean without also trying to watch TV, work, walk, take a train somewhere, browse Google the same time as eating. We very rarely just sit and eat slowly - and truly enjoy our food. What does that mean? - Very often we eat very quickly, we eat whilst completely distracted by something else - and we miss all of the cues from our body that we are full (and end up eating a lot more than our bodies really need). A study recently published by the British Medical Journal looked at the eating speed and weight of 60,000 people. The participants in the study were asked to report whether they ate quickly, at a normal speed or slowly. Those who ate at a no

I eat because...

I eat because... I’m angry, I eat because I’m sad, I eat because I’m fat anyway (so what’s the point - I might as well be bad)... and have a brownie or five or 10 slices of cake, nobody will notice anyway... I eat because I’m lonely - I’m stressed at work - I’ve had a bad day Sometimes, I eat because I’m bored - I’m going to start my diet tomorrow, I’ll say - so I eat tons of chocolate and sweets...maybe I’ll start the diet another time diets suck - what’s the point - I give up I eat because I don’t get the attention I want - at least I can rely on cake to make me feel good today... But I don’t enjoy it anyway - this eating too much - I feel guilt, I feel pain, I feel shame...and yet I just


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