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But I don’t need therapy...

…”but I don’t need therapy – there is nothing wrong with me”. Just the word THERAPY scares some people. We associate getting any sort of help for our mental health with being weak, unable to cope and failing at life. Only depressed or anxious people need help – only troubled or weak people need to explore their thoughts and the workings of their mind. So many people assume that since they are doing “okay”, since there is nothing “wrong” – that seeing a psychotherapist, clinical psychologist or coach would be a waste of time. Yet there is a very wide gap between coping and thriving. One-on-one psychological interventions are a very powerful tool for enabling individuals to push past their lim

Healthy vs Skinny

Do you eat to be skinny or do you eat to be healthy? Do you eat to make sure you are thin or to make sure that your body has all of the great nutrition that it needs? Do you count calories rather than looking at what great vitamins, minerals and nutrients you are getting from your food? Are you a slave to the number on the scales or do you make food choices based on whether they make you feel good on a daily basis? Do you choose the fat-free dessert over the avocado just because it contains less calories? Do you choose to exercise because you know it will burn off some of the food you have eaten or because it makes you feel great and happy? Is your relationship with food and your body ab

When I grow up I want to be...

When I grow up I want to be... Thin, have beautiful hair And a perfect, wrinkle-free face I want my stomach to be flat And my arms to be toned And I want to be winning in the corporate rat-race To make lots of money And to have a big house So I can show it off to all of my friends I want to slave away in a boring job So that I can have a wardrobe that never-ends And buy anti-wrinkle creams So I stay perfect for life Flawless, airbrushed and instagram-ready... Or at least that’s what society has conditioned me to want But I don’t know if it really is me When I un-grow up, I want to be... Happy, free, curious and in love with my life Just as I was when I was young I want to ask questions To lo


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