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It’s not your willpower...

Food is a funny is something that we need for nourishment. Technically we should just be making food choices based on what would give us optimum nutrition. However, it is also something that gives us pleasure...especially the highly processed, sugary/salty foods that have been designed specifically to maximise the pleasure we derive from food (and are therefore incredibly addictive). So it is no wonder that willpower alone often won’t let you change your diet or lifestyle. Why would your brain just let you stop doing something that you derive so much pleasure from - it just doesn’t make sense - you can’t blame your mind (or your willpower) for not wanting to let go of the sho

Too embarrassed to eat...

“The public health war on obesity has had little impact on obesity prevalence and has resulted in unintended consequences…[including] excessive weight preoccupation among the population, which can lead to stigma, body dissatisfaction, dieting, disordered eating, and even death from effects of extreme dieting, anorexia, and obesity surgery complications, or from suicide that results from weight-based bullying” (Salas, 2015). If you are struggling with your weight and go to see a doctor or even most other nutritionists, hypnotherapists or psychotherapists, they will simply recommend that you eat less and exercise more. They will probably tell you to eat more slowly and to just eat less calori

Is the best weight-loss solution...your pillow?

Your alarm goes off ...and you get out of bed, annoyed that you couldn’t sleep for another hour or two. You feel tired - exhausted even - and just want to get through the day. You crave something sweet or some carbs - a biscuit and some coffee will surely give you the energy to make it through the morning... Most of us are sleep deprived. Very few people actually get the quality sleep that they should be getting and are able to sleep the number of hours that they need to. Sleep seems to fall to the bottom of our priority list... it is sometimes even seen as a waste of time...and yet getting enough sleep is so key not just for our general health but also for our waist-lines. Have you noti

But I can’t go out - everyone will judge me

How many times have you stopped yourself from enjoying your life - because you have gained some weight? Maybe you have stopped exercising or playing a sport? Maybe you are too embarrassed to see friends because you want to avoid that surprised look on their faces when they see just how much bigger you are now? Maybe you don’t want to go shopping because you can’t stand seeing yourself in the mirror or don’t want to deal with how awful it feels not to be able to fit into any clothes? Maybe you don’t want to go dancing because you don’t want everyone to laugh at your wobbly tummy and thighs? Maybe you don’t want to go on any dates or be intimate with your partner because you just hate your


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