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Why don’t I enjoy it anymore – eating all of this food?

I really want to eat all of these things – but I don’t even enjoy the food anymore” “It’s as though I can’t even taste the food anymore – I am just inhaling it” “I get stressed/bored/sad and eat – but after the first bite I don’t really enjoy what I’m eating anyway” So many people tell me that they are over-eating but that they don’t even enjoy the food that they eat anymore. It is almost as though they are just reaching for that food on auto-pilot mode, when they get stressed/tired/upset or because it is just a habit they have formed. Therefore, one thing I hear time and time again – is that eating this food comes with no or very little pleasure. If anything, individuals end up feeling i

Mirror mirror on the wall... am I the slimmest of them all?

We’ve all waited for that moment: we wake up, look in the mirror and miraculously we have the body that we have always wanted. No exercise was needed, there was definitely no dieting involved (in fact we had been eating four times as much, including excessive numbers of cream cakes and brownies) and yet thanks to some incredible weight-loss, body-toning fairy, we have woken up looking better than any celebrity that has ever existed. It sounds fantastic, until a few hours later we look in the mirror again to realise our bodies haven’t changed at all and that we must have seen the earlier visions of body-perfection in our dreams. Let’s face it, there are no two ways about it, eating well and

Obsessing... about food

I thought one day I would be free Of these thoughts - that trap me Surely they would end When I reach a certain weight Or when I fit into my jeans Then I’d no longer need to worry About what to eat and being seen By friends who might judge me But these thoughts just won’t go away In fact they are making things worse day by day I think these feelings of never being good enough Are here to stay I worry about if food will make me fat And if I will eat like a “normal” person one day Yet as I think about food all of the time I can’t resist giving in to a treat - it will make me feel better I say Yet I’m crying myself to sleep, feeling bad most of my life After binge eating one more time Or using

An Open Letter to the NHS

from Everyone Struggling With their Weight in the UK “Dear NHS, I am writing to you as someone that is obese/overweight and extremely upset at how much weight I have gained over the past few years. I really appreciate all of the wonderful work that you do in saving lives and helping people – I know that your doctors, nurses, dieticians etc. all work really hard. I would really like you to help me too with my health issues but I am finding the advice and assistance that you are giving me is really getting me down. I KNOW that I need to eat less and exercise more – in fact just thinking about how much less I SHOULD be eating and how much more I SHOULD be exercising – makes me want to binge e

Why does dieting cause binge-eating?

So you’ve seen all of the before and after pictures… Kate dropped 3 stone, Tom lost 4 inches around his waist and Sam saw her abs for the first time – you are sold. You want that. You want that quick fix, that beautiful body, those amazing results. Of course, those before and after pictures don’t show you the struggle those people went through to stick to the diet, how much they hated waking up at 5am to fit in going to the gym, how miserable they were when they had to say no to dinners out with friends, the number of times they cried wanting to give up and just how much weight they put on as soon as they came off the meal plan. Many studies have demonstrated that going on any sort of restr


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