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Don’t set yourself up to fail

“I’m on the see-food diet ...I see food and then I eat it” We really do eat with our eyes. Have you ever noticed that you are much more tempted to eat the chocolates or the sweet treats when they are sitting on your desk at work or when they are out and visible in your kitchen? Do you feel the need to eat a slice of pizza if your partner has chosen to eat some but otherwise wouldn’t be so tempted? When we have food very readily available to us, we are much more likely to want to eat it. Whilst our willpower may stop us from reaching for that food the first time we look at it, or the second...eventually we may just give in. Some people I work want to change some of their food related habit

When life happens...

For many people food is a coping mechanism. When they are stressed or sad or bored or angry or even tired - food is something that (in that short moment it is in their mouth) can make them feel better. Yet after having eaten out of stress/boredom/sadness etc. what people often feel is guilt or an empty/numb feeling...because they know that over-eating is not good for their body long-term. Some people turn to alcohol to cope (a drink to take the edge off), some people turn to shopping (a new dress to give that quick rush), some people turn to drugs (that high just makes it all better) and others turn to things like exercise, meditation or talking to friends to get through. Some of these cop

But don’t you want to age well too?

“I need to be slim so that I look good” “I need to lose weight so that I can be attractive again" “I don’t feel pretty anymore because of this weight I have gained" Many of the people that I work with associate being slim with being attractive. They feel that the only way they can stay attractive is by consuming few enough calories to stay thin. So they torture themselves counting points or calories and avoiding things like avocados and olive oil just so that they can stay “thin” and “attractive”. Usually I ask them to focus on their health instead of their weight - getting them to start thinking about nourishing their body with lots of veggies etc. rather than worrying about calories or

Understanding IBS

Irritable bowel syndrome (or IBS) is a horrible condition to live with. The constant cramping, bloating, bouts of diarrhoea/constipation, pain and discomfort that comes along with this condition can make life very difficult for sufferers. Yet the worst thing about the condition is that the public health service has been unable to offer much in the way of treatment. The usual anti-spasmotic tablets or peppermint capsules and prescribed to individuals who are also told that there is no cure for their condition. A range of factors actually contribute to the development of IBS and they include both factors relating to your diet and your mental health. An imbalance of the organisms living in


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