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Do you have a love hate relationship with food?

Do you ever feel as though you are slightly scared of food? - If I eat this...will I put on weight? If I have a bite of that...will I end up hating my body even more? If I try I just going to feel guilty and bad afterwards? - You love the taste - but you just don’t like how the food makes you feel afterwards... fat, bloated and sad ..that you overate - once again. Many people have a dysfunctional relationship with food. Part of the reason for this is that now we have so many products available to us that we are told are “food” but which are completely devoid of nutritional value, are very calorific and often also manufactured so that they are highly addictive. These ultra-proc

The dangers of dieting

"Studies have shown that diets more often than not lead to weight gain! Because the body does not know the difference between dieting and starving, once a severe dietary regime is concluded it will voraciously store food as fat as a protection against further unreasonable onslaughts. But it is with diets that fashion and fads play their largest part. Diets have replaced the weather as the basic item of polite conversation.” - Robin Fox Pretty much everyone that I work with has at some point put themselves on a diet. In fact, most people these days have put themselves on a diet at some point in their lives - even those people that are a healthy weight. I mean we are told loud and clear that


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