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Happiness by experience or evaluation?

I am happy because... I live in a nice, big house I get paid a good amount of money I am married and have children I have a good job and lots of great qualifications I have the time to get to the gym 4 times a week OR - I am happy because... I laughed a lot with my husband and children today I really helped two people at work and it felt great I ate a delicious meal for lunch I felt so good moving my body at a dance class I was calm and relaxed all day from getting a good night's sleep These two lists describe the difference between the happiness that comes from us evaluating our life and the happiness that comes from experiencing our life. The happiness that comes from evaluation

Think your way to a healthier diet

Have you ever had a conversation with someone about a delicious meal you once had... and then found yourself craving that same meal, that evening? Or have you ever had a friend tell you about the delicious pasta dish they are cooking that night and found that you really want to also eat pasta for dinner? Or perhaps you are reminiscing with a partner about the amazing food you ate whilst on holiday in Asia and then find that you both want to order that same cuisine for lunch that day. The way in which we imagine food has a huge effect on the food choices that we make. If you want to eat more healthy food - but imagine healthy food as just involving boring, limp lettuce leaves and overcooked

This affects your willpower more than you realise

When I work with clients, I often explain to them how their brain works and how this has an impact on their food choices. One of the things that we often discuss is what that individual can to do boost their willpower to bring about changes to their food-related behaviours. The part of our brain responsible for our willpower is called the pre-frontal cortex - and technically, this part of our brain allows us to be the boss of our actions. The one with ultimate control over what we do. Yet willpower is a funny thing. We often assume that we are completely in control of our choices - you know, we have free will and all that. However our willpower is actually influenced by something that m


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