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Why Do I Have No Willpower to Change my Diet?

Something I hear very often is “I just don’t know why I have no willpower to stick to a diet”. So I thought it would be helpful if I explain in this post some of the reasons why you may be finding it hard to change your diet and lifestyle - because most people actually find it very difficult to find the willpower to make changes to their diet. So no - there is absolutely nothing wrong with you because you find it impossible to change your diet and lifestyle. Here are some of the reasons why you may find you have no willpower to make the changes you want to make: 1. You are stressed or tired (or drunk) Both stress and sleep deprivation affect the part of our brain that controls our willpowe

Change Causes Anxiety

If as your slept tonight any area of your life could miraculously change for the better - what would change about your life? Chances are, as you asked yourself this question you thought of several things that in an ideal world, you would like to change about your life. Maybe the thoughts that came into your mind included: - I would quit my boring job and do something professionally that I am truly passionate about e.g. cooking/dancing/writing/starting a business etc. - I would leave my unfulfilling relationship and find someone that really suits me and my personality, allowing me to grow and thrive. - I would take more time for myself and to pursue my hobbies. - I would stop seeing/speaking

How Saying NO Can Improve Your Life

“Let today mark a new beginning for you. Give yourself permission to say NO without feeling guilty, mean, or selfish. Anybody who gets upset and/or expects you to say YES all of the time clearly doesn’t have your best interest at heart. Always remember: You have a right to say NO without having to explain yourself. Be at peace with your decisions.” ― Stephanie Lahart We’ve all been there - someone asks us to attend a party/event; to do something to help them out; to take on this new piece of work... and without even really thinking about it, we say “YES”. Even though, we are already tired and busy from everything that we have going on; even though we already have too much work to do; even

Are your emotional needs being met?

"you can never, ever, use weight loss to solve problems that are not related to your weight. At your goal weight or not, you still have to live with yourself and deal with your problems. You will still have the same husband, the same job, the same kids, and the same life. Losing weight is not a cure for life.” - Phillip C. McGraw Many of the people that I work with find that they turn to food to satisfy an emotional need. As we work together, we will use a range of techniques to help them to manage that urge to eat in response to emotions. However, as part of this process, it is also important that the individual looks at how they can ensure that this core emotional need is being met in

How I lost a stone in a week

So you’ve probably been bombarded with emails and ads this week telling you that you can lose weight and look great in the new year!... all you have to do is work-out more, sign up to some “detox” or cut out lots of food groups.... easy right? Well unfortunately, the diet industry loves to sell quick-fixes and false promises to hook you in. Be cautious of anything that promises you drastic weight loss. So NO - I did not lose one stone in one week - and you should not aspire to either. When weight comes off that quickly - it very rarely stays off. Even the NHS warns off drastic diets and restrictive plans that encourage anything more than a couple of pounds weight loss a week. Many of the


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