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Eating Disorder Awareness Training

Equipping individuals with tools to manage the state of their mental and physical health.

The Food Psychology Clinic runs workshops on eating disorder awareness, for organisations and schools/universities focussed on equipping individuals with practical tools that they can use to manage their eating disorder and support someone else suffering with an eating disorder.  

Eating Disorder Awareness

- We raise awareness and understanding of common eating disorders including anorexia, orthorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder, bigorexia and dibulimia

- We explore how perfectionism and an individual’s self-perception/confidence is often connected with the development of eating disorders

- We explore practical tools individuals can use if they have an eating disorder or to help those around them if they may be dealing with an eating disorder

- We discuss some of the eating disorder warning signs to look out for how to have help and support someone suspected of having an eating disorder

- We discuss some common thinking patterns that can be experienced by eating disorder sufferers


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Corporate workshops


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Workshops for individuals


“I felt this training was really valuable. I came to it thinking mostly that it might help me support others but it was actually really beneficial on a personal level too. Thanks to the people team for arranging this”

— Participant at a corporate workshop on resilience