Helping you to achieve permanent change.

The Food Therapy Clinic identifies why you make the wrong food choices and helps you to reverse these patterns so that you can achieve permanent change.


The Food Therapy Clinic uses a range of techniques to help you to manage your IBS symptoms.

Food Psychology Clinic uses a range of techniques to help you to overcome your sugar addiction.

Are you fed up of feeling bloated and uncomfortable every time that you eat?

Have the changes in your bowel habits severely limited your day-to-day activities?

Do you get uncomfortable cramps and just do not know how to stop them?

Have you found that your doctor just cannot suggest anything to help improve your symptoms?

Hypnotherapy is now a treatment offered for IBS on the NHS, however it is only offered in certain regions and the waiting lists for treatment can be very long.  At the Food Therapy Clinic we use a combination of tools, including hypnotherapy to discover the causes underlying your IBS and to relieve you of your symptoms. 


Reversing unhealthy patterns - freeing you to lead a happy and healthy life.

The Food Therapy Clinic identifies why the mind and body triggers that are causing your IBS and helps you to reverse these patterns so that you can achieve relief from your symptoms. Often there are psychological, emotional and physical factors that contribute to IBS.  The Food Therapy Clinic works at getting to the root cause of the condition for each individual using a range of modalities to explore the mind and body triggers causing the symptoms.

An interdisciplinary approach

Resolving the root cause 

Providing a long-term solution


We find the root cause of your unhealthy eating patterns.

Much like driving, dancing or any other skill that we perform on auto-pilot - our eating patterns can become unhealthy automatic responses to triggers such as stress, sadness or loneliness. Using techniques such as hypnotherapy those automatic, unhealthy habits can be reversed for good.

For each individual there will be unique physical drivers and psychological patterns that cause them to suffer with IBS.  Once we have identified these patterns and drivers, we can help you to make lasting changes - leaving you free to enjoy food and your life!

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