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Resilience Training

Equipping individuals with tools to manage the state of their mental and physical health.

The Food Psychology Clinic runs resilience building workshops for individuals, for organisations and schools/universities focussed on improving both the mental and physical health of individuals.  Each workshop is tailored to the needs of the client/organisation and the goal of the workshops is to equip individuals with the tools that they need to manage both their mental and physical health effectively.  This resilience training will enable individuals to better manage stressors, bounce back more quickly from difficult situations or circumstances and to become happier, healthier and more productive.

Resilience Training 

- We explore practical tools that can be used to boost resilience, including techniques from CBT, mindfulness and NLP

- We look at how resilience building can boost both mental and physical health and prevent illness

- We explore how individuals can manage perfectionism and procrastination to feel better and become more productive

- We cover how to achieve behaviour change: most people know that they need to eat better and sleep more - we explore how an individual can actually bring about changes to their lifestyle

- We suggest how best to manage stressors and cover practical tools that individuals can use to feel more in control and better able to cope

- We look at imposter syndrome and other factors that may have a negative impact on an individual’s mental health and discuss how individuals can manage their mental health in order to prevent the development of conditions such as anxiety and depression


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Corporate workshops


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Workshops for individuals


“I felt this training was really valuable. I came to it thinking mostly that it might help me support others but it was actually really beneficial on a personal level too. Thanks to the people team for arranging this”

— Participant at a corporate workshop on resilience