Well-being Workshops for Individuals

Equipping students with tools to manage the state of their mental and physical health.

The Food Psychology Clinic runs workshops focussed on improving both your mental and physical health.  The goal of the workshops is to equip you with the tools that you need to manage stressors more effectively as well as to optimise your mental and physical health. 



How You Can Benefit from This Well-being Training



Feel Happier and Healthier 

This training allows you to boost both your mental and physical health and equips you with tools to manage your health over the long-term.  From tips on how to manage stress, optimise sleep and nutrition, train your brain and many more - you are equipped with a broad range of tools that will ensure that you can stay healthy and happy throughout your lifetime. 


Managing Stress
You most probably have to manage many pressures and stressors from different areas in your life, having had very little training on how you can best manage stressors.  This training equips you with strategies to manage stressors so that you can perform at your best in your professional life and enjoy your personal life too. 


Developing an Understanding of Thoughts and Feelings

You most probably have not been taught about how your brain works or about how you can observe and then train your thoughts in order to change the way that you feel day-to-day.  Through this training, you are equipped with skills which will allow you to manage your mental health over your lifetime.


Preventing Mental Illness 
Rates of mental illness in the UK are rising. This is despite the fact that most mental illnesses are preventable.  By equipping you with tools to manage the state of your mental health, you can take proactive steps to ensure that you prevent mental illness from arising.

Boosting Self-Esteem and Confidence

Many people report having low self-esteem and low levels of confidence.  This training enables you to feel better about yourself; stop comparing yourself to others; and to embrace who you are as a unique individual.  Through boosting your confidence and self-esteem you are also empowered to manage your mental and physical health too.

Promoting Innovation and Productivity 

When you are stressed or tired - your brain operates in a similar way to when you are drunk.  The most evolved part of the brain, the pre-frontal cortex, shuts down and does not work as effectively when you are stressed or tired.  So if you do not know how to manage your mental and physical health - it is likely that you are not operating at your full potential.  This training equips you with tools to better manage stress and tiredness and therefore to optimise productivity. 

Resilience Training





Mindfulness and CBT


Eating Disorder Awareness Training

Stress Management Training


“I felt this training was really valuable. I came to it thinking mostly that it might help me support others but it was actually really beneficial on a personal level too. Thanks to the people team for arranging this”

— Participant at a corporate workshop on resilience 


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