Workshops for Schools and Universities

Equipping individuals with tools to manage the state of their mental and physical health.

I run workshops for schools and universities focussed on improving both the mental and physical health of students.  Each workshop is tailored to the needs of the institution and the goal of the workshops is to equip students with the tools that they need to manage stressors more effectively as well as to optimise their mental and physical health. 

“Growing up today seems to be harder than ever. Children and young people face a host of novel stressors that I cannot even purport to understand. In a confusing, addictive, 24-hour online world, young people need new tools and more support.” - Alexia Adrianopoulos 


How Institutions Can Benefit from This Well-being Training

Happier, healthier individuals

This training allows individuals to boost both their mental and physical health and equips them with tools to manage their health over the long-term.  From tips on how to manage stress, optimise sleep and nutrition, train their brain and many more - students are equipped with a broad range of tools that will ensure that they can stay healthy and happy throughout their lifetimes. 


Managing Stress
Students have to manage many pressures throughout their student life, with very little training on how they can best manage stressors.  This training equips them with strategies to manage stressors so that they can perform at their best at school and in exams.


Developing an Understanding of Thoughts and Feelings

Students are very rarely taught about how their brains work or about how they can observe and then train their thoughts in order to change the way that they feel day-to-day.  Through this training, students are equipped with skills which will allow them to manage their mental health over their lifetime.


Preventing Mental Illness 
Research shows that the majority of mental illness begins before the age of 18.  Schools across the UK are also reporting rises in the rates of poor mental health.  This is despite the fact that most mental illnesses are preventable.  By equipping individuals with tools to manage the state of their mental health, students can take proactive steps to ensure that they prevent mental illness from arising.

Boosting Self-Esteem and Confidence

Many children and young adults report low self-esteem and low levels of confidence.  This training enables individuals to feel better about themselves; stop comparing themselves to others; and to embrace who they are as a unique individual.  Through boosting their confidence and self-esteem students are also empowered to manage their mental and physical health too.

Promoting Innovation and Productivity 

When students are stressed or tired - their brains operate in a similar way to when they are drunk.  The most evolved part of the brain, the pre-frontal cortex, shuts down and does not work as effectively when an individual is stressed or tired.  So many institutions have worked hard to recruit exceptional students - but if they are not ensuring those students know how to manage their mental and physical health - they could have a school/university that is not operating at its full potential.  This training equips students with tools to better manage stress and tiredness and therefore to optimise productivity. 

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