Corporate Well-being Workshops

Equipping individuals with tools to manage the state of their mental and physical health.

The Food Psychology Clinic runs workshops for organisations and schools/universities focussed on improving both the mental and physical health of individuals.  Each workshop is tailored to the needs of the organisation and the goal of the workshops is to equip individuals with the tools that they need to manage both their mental and physical health effectively. 

“We are embedding health and well-being at the heart of our business strategy because our people are our greatest asset, and we recognize that a healthy, happy and committed workforce is vital to our business success.” - Alex Gourlay, MD, Boots UK


How Organisations Can Benefit from This Well-being Training


Happier, healthier individuals

This training allows individuals to boost both their mental and physical health and equips them with tools to manage their health over the long-term.  Organisations can build a workforce of happy and healthy employees - creating a positive culture and invested/engaged workforce.


Increase in Profitability
The Farmer Stephenson Report comments that "Employers are losing billions of pounds because employees are less productive, less effective, or off sick”.  Companies lose lots of money every year due to both mental and physical poor health.  In fact around one in three of these working days lost in the UK is due to poor mental health and this is despite the fact that most mental illness is preventable.  Our training equips individuals with tools which could dramatically reduce the number of working days lost and therefore could have a significant impact on the bottomline.  Deloitte has produced a model which estimates that a workplace wellbeing programme would cost approximately £80 per employee and in a company of 500 employees (£40,000) and would result in net annual savings of £347,722.  


Keeping Up With Competitors and Ensuring Employee Retention

Those employers that do not put well-being firmly on the agenda will lose employees to organisations that do.  Individuals are actively looking for workplaces that look out for their health and well-being.  More and more organisations are prioritising the health of their employees because they are realising that it is the best way to ensure employee satisfaction and guarantee long-term profitability.  Many companies invest significant amounts of money just on recruitment and creating a workplace in which employees can be retained can really result in significant cost savings. 


Preventing Illness Amongst the Workforce 
The Health and Safety Executive’s 2016/17 labour force survey indicates that 12.5 million working days are lost due to poor mental health caused by work-related stressors.  As companies work to make their organisations “safer” from a health and well-being stand-point, they notice that not only are there less absences but also employees are more engaged and productive at work. 


Promoting Innovation, Productivity and for Quality Assurance 

When individuals are stressed or tired - their brains operate in a similar way to when they are drunk.  The most evolved part of the brain, the pre-frontal cortex, shuts down and does not work as effectively when an individual is stressed or tired.  So organisations may have worked hard to recruit exceptional talent - but if they are not ensuring those employees know how to manage their mental and physical health - they could have a workforce that is not operating at its full potential.  This training equips individuals with tools to better manage stress and tiredness and therefore to optimise productivity. 

Resilience Training





Mindfulness and CBT


Eating Disorder Awareness Training

Stress Management Training


“I felt this training was really valuable. I came to it thinking mostly that it might help me support others but it was actually really beneficial on a personal level too. Thanks to the people team for arranging this”

— Participant at a corporate workshop on resilience 

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