Helping you to Rebuild your Relationship with Food

I can help you to manage emotional eating through helping you to deal with your emotions and building new coping mechanisms that you can use going forward. 

Emotional Eating

I use a range of techniques to help you to manage your emotions and take control of your food choices 

  •  Do you notice that you turn to food when you feel sad/stressed/anxious/lonely or bored?

  • Do you eat to cope but then feel guilty for having used food as your coping mechanism?

  • Are you regularly eating in response to your emotions, despite not feeling physically hungry?

  • Do you often feel out of control around food when you are emotional and notice that once you start eating, you can’t stop?

  • I help you to resolve the underlying depression/anxiety/sadness or loneliness that is causing you to turn to food.  I also equip you with new coping mechanisms so that, in the future, you will be able to deal with your emotions without needing to turn to food every time.

My Approach

Combining a range of techniques to optimise mental and physical health.

I know that it can be very frustrating for you if you want to lead a healthy lifestyle but still turn to food for comfort even when you are not physically hungry.  I understand that helping you to manage emotional eating requires addressing the issue using several techniques - including those derived from the fields of CBT, NLP, hypnotherapy, other forms of psychotherapy, nutrition and food psychology.

Why Choose Me

I help you to feel better and to develop new coping mechanisms

Welcome, I am Uxshely! You may have fallen into the habit of eating to cope with emotions early on in life.  In order to address emotional eating for the long-term it is key to first address the underlying emotional issues that you are turning to food to cope with.  Secondly it is then key to equip you with new coping mechanisms that you can use to manage your emotions going forward.


For each individual there will be unique physical drivers and psychological patterns that cause them to turn to food when they feel sad/lonely/anxious.  Once we have identified these patterns and drivers, I can help you to make lasting changes - leaving you free to enjoy your life!

Online Binge-Eating Treatment Programme

12-week programme to treat binge-eating, comfort-eating and emotional-eating 

Once you transform what is going on in your mind - transforming what is on the outside, becomes easy...

Worrying about food, your body and your weight can feel like a constant battle and struggle.  You may have spent years feeling out of control around food, turning to food to cope with emotions or finding yourself over-eating or binge-eating regularly.  Unfortunately diets and quick-fixes rarely work long-term to change your relationship with food.  This programme is designed to free you from that constant struggle and battle with food.  

The online programme is the equivalent of over £3000 of one-on-one support in the clinic.  For a limited time only you can get over 20% off on the online programme.

12 week course

 1 instalment:



12 week course

3 instalments: 

 £120 per month

£95 per month

12 week course plus BONUS

COURSE plus BONUS 60 minute online 1-on-1 session



12 week course plus BONUS

Course plus 2 BONUS 60 minute online 1-on-1 sessions



I am so confident that you will see changes to how you feel after using the online course, that if you use the course materials for 5 days and do not think it would benefit you, I will give you your money back.


"I have now lost two stone and feel so much better for it. I really think that it’s going to continue and stay off...My team at work can’t believe how much I have changed! I now have a desk full of fruit and nuts and no biscuits and chocolate in sight." - Journalist, Your Healthy Living Magazine

Get in Touch

Get in touch to book in a free consultation

I understand how challenging it can be to face issues around food and know that it will be important for you to find the right person to work with to resolve your issues.  This is why I think that it is important that you are given the opportunity to speak to and get to know me before committing to any therapy packages or products. I offer a 20 minute free phone consultation to anyone that is thinking about booking in a session or signing up for the online programme. Use the contact form below or email to book in your 20-minute consultation.


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