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Hypnotherapy Recordings

Change your mindset to change your life and your behaviours.


We also offer hypnotherapy recordings, which can help you to re-programme your beliefs and change your habits around food.  The recordings come with a full set of written instructions on the steps you should take to ensure that you are able to bring about lasting change to your eating habits and your mental wellbeing.  

Re-build your relationship with food

A recording to help you to build a healthy relationship with food and stop binge eating and over-eating

Sleep Soundly

A recording to help you to get a good night’s sleep every night - listen every evening to drift off effortlessly


Boost your self-esteem and confidence

A recording to help you to boost your confidence so that you can feel great and make lasting changes to your lifestyle

Exercise and Movement

A recording to inspire and motivate you to exercise and generally move your body more

Feeling Better With  Perfectionism 

A recording to help you to enjoy the journey to achieving your high standards 


Feeling Better with Anxiety or Depression

A recording to help you to worry less and to lift your mood - helping you to feel calmer 

Young beautiful woman relaxing in her bed, she is listening to music and lying down with e

Manage stress and emotional eating

A recording to help you to manage stressors and stop eating due to anxiety, stress and low mood 


Body Positivity and Self-Love

A recording to help you to feel better in your skin and body and embrace who you are completely

Managing Sugar Addiction

A recording to help you to stop craving sugar and to feel more in control around sweet foods

3 Recording 


Buy any 3 recordings of your choice. - just email with the recordings you would like as part of this package.

Finding New Ways to Cope

A recording to help you to find new ways to cope and to manage emotional or boredom eating

10 Recording Package

Buy all 10 recordings to transform your relationship with food and mental and physical health 


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