Prices: One-on-one Sessions 

I use a range of techniques to help you to make permanent changes

How much money have you wasted on diets, meal plans, retreats, juice plans... all of which have not resolved your issues around food long-term?   Imagine waking up knowing that you never have to worry about dieting, binge-eating, erratic eating patterns, IBS or making bad food choices ever again - that you can just be free to enjoy nutritious, delicious food that is good for your body.

Instead of having to see a separate nutritionist, psychotherapist, behaviour change specialist, hypnotherapist, sleep specialist, NLP coach, mindfulness can get all of these services in the one session. Depending on your budget, the recommended treatment course is either:

  • Recommended Package 1: Five sessions, one 90-minute session, followed-up with four 60-minute sessions, spaced 2-3 weeks apart; 

  • Recommended Package 2: Ten sessions, one 90-minute session, followed-up with nine 60-minute sessions, weekly or fortnightly; or

  • Recommended Package 3: Fifteen sessions, one 90-minute session, followed-up with fourteen 60-minute sessions, weekly or fortnightly.

Most clients are able to resolve their issues around food with one of these treatment plans.  This is a very personalised treatment and I will support you in between sessions in making changes to your diet and lifestyle too. You will have recordings to listen to and workbooks to complete between sessions, I also check-in with you regularly to support you in building new habits. Online sessions are run as video calls on Zoom, Skype or FaceTime.

60 minute  follow-up session


London Clinic


90 minute first session



London Clinic


Recommended Package 1

5 Online Sessions


5 Sessions London

Clinic  £1350


Package 2

10 Online Sessions  £1400

10 Sessions London

Clinic   £2500

Recommended Package 3

15 Online Sessions


15 Sessions London

Clinic  £3600


I also offer an intensive total transformation package to: completely transform your relationship with food; resolve binge-eating/comfort-eating for good; help you to lose weight and build new habits around your diet, sleep and exercise-routine; and also to boost your confidence; transform your relationships and professional life; as well as to optimise your performance, productivity and overall happiness too.  The programme includes:
  • Unlimited access to the 12 week online programme to treat binge-eating, comfort-eating and over-eating
  • Weekly check-ins and unlimited personal one-on-one support by email throughout
  • 12 online one-on-one sessions (60 minutes long each) weekly or once every 2 weeks
  • Unlimited personal advice and recommendations on nutrition, eating psychology, sleep, changing your behaviours etc.

Prices: Self Help

Freeing you to feel good around food and enjoy food once again

For those individuals that are struggling with their weight, binge eating or comfort eating and that would like to get healthy in a sustainable way, I also offer the following: 

Hypnotherapy recordings

A hypnotherapy recording to help you to re-programme your beliefs and change your habits around food.  The topics covered in the recording include re-building your relationship with food; managing stress and emotional eating; and boosting your self-esteem/confidence. The recording also comes with a full set of written instructions on the steps you should take to ensure that you are able to bring about lasting change to your eating habits.  This is a good option for new clients that are unable to attend the one-on-one sessions or existing clients that would like a new recordings to use.

1 Recording and instructions - £20

10 Hypnotherapy Recordings to help you to transform every area of your life - £105

Online course 

Online course 

Online Binge-Eating Treatment


A 12 week online Binge-eating Treatment Programme which will enable you to completely transform your relationship with food and lose weight over 12 weeks.  This comes with: 12 videos on topics such as binge eating, self-esteem, why diets don’t work and comfort eating; 12 hypnotherapy recordings and a book which explains exactly what you can do to achieve the healthy lifestyle you have always wanted without feeling deprived or miserable. This is the equivalent of having 24 weeks of one-on-one therapy. This  programme comes with a money back guarantee - you can try the materials for 5 days and see if the programme is for you.

12 week online programme - £245

12 week online programme - 3 instalments - £95 per month

Prices: Workshops

I run a range of workshops to help you to boost your physical and mental health

Do you want to learn more about what you can do to manage your physical and mental health in a fun and collaborative environment? Perhaps you would like to learn how you can rebuild your relationship with food in a fun and light-hearted way? My workshops will equip you with tools that you can use to rebuild your relationship with food but also to boost your physical and mental well-being.

Nutrition and Eating Psychology

Thursday 29th Oct 2020 

Zoom workshop



Resilience Building

Sunday 1st Nov 2020 

Zoom workshop



Beat Binge Eating

Sunday 25th Oct 2020 

Zoom workshop



Build your Confidence

Sunday 22nd Nov 2020 

Zoom workshop



Each workshop is run with a small group of people so that you get lots of opportunities to participate, ask questions and share your thoughts. Once you have purchased a workshop ticket you will be emailed with details on how to join the workshop. 


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