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Why this online programme was created


Why this online programme was created


“and I said to my body. softly. ‘I want to be your friend.’ it took a long breath. and replied ‘I have been waiting my whole life for this.” - Nayyirah Waheed

Welcome - I am Uxshely, a psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and registered nutritionist. I have built this programme so that I can help as many people as possible to set themselves free from the vicious dieting cycle and to finally feel good about their bodies and their health.   You deserve more than to spend the rest of your life obsessing over calories, food and your weight.  You deserve to be set free to enjoy your life and food.

You will be personally guided and supported throughout the online transformation programme and are welcome to email me at with any additional questions that you have.  

Uxshely x

Having worked with lots of people one-on-one to rebuild their relationship with food.  I have put together this programme to allow you to transform your relationship with sugar and food from the comfort of your own home. 


Most people believe that in order to lose weight and get healthy, they just need to eat less and exercise more... however this often just gets them trapped in a vicious cycle of dieting and then over-eating/ binge-eating/ comfort-eating.  In this programme you will learn how you can set yourself free from this cycle - without counting calories, having to follow meal-plans, giving up food groups or obsessing over food and your weight all day long. You will learn how you can build a healthy relationship with sugar for the long-term. This is a programme that allows you to benefit from the unique method, FTCM®, that we use at the clinic, from the comfort of your own home. 

By signing up for this programme, you will:

Feel more in control around sweet foods and shift your mindset around food.

Learn why you feel like you have no willpower when it comes to sweet foods and what you can do to bring this willpower back.

Optimise both your mental and physical health and understand more about what different types of sugar there are and how they affect the body.

Learn how to control emotional eating and to cope with your emotions without feeling the need to turn to sweet food.

Learn why you binge-eat or over-eat on sweet foods and how you can stop binge-eating or over-eating.

Learn how the brain works and the neuroscience behind your cravings for sugar.

Be equipped with tools to boost your mental health more generally, including tools to manage your mood and stressors in your life.

Improve your sleep quality, getting a restful night's sleep every night, learn tools to manage stress, anxiety and low mood and much more...

This is not just another intuitive eating course. It is a course which allows you to build completely new habits around food and to learn how a lot of our drives around food are down to subconscious patterns of behaviour.  This is a programme based on the unique method, FTCM®, that we use at the clinic.  This programme will help you to rebuild your relationship with sugar in a way that is sustainable long-term.

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Sugar Re-Set Programme

8 week online programme to help you to re-build your relationship with sugar

Re-set your taste buds and build a healthier relationship with sweet foods...

Many people feel very out of control around sugar.  Eating one biscuit - leads to eating the whole packet; eating a square of chocolate leads to eating the whole bar... and the guilt that comes with feeling so out of control can really have a negative effect on someone's mental and physical health. 

Whilst there is nothing wrong with having a bit of sugar now and again - many people also turn to sweet foods to cope with set-backs, to make them feel better when they are stressed or down and sugar really becomes the coping mechanism that they turn to every day.  Yet the sweet foods never really help them to cope with their thoughts and emotions - instead just making them feel worse about themselves and their bodies. 

It is challenging to change your relationship with sugar by yourself.  This programme is designed to give you the tools, support system and motivation to re-set your relationship with sugar in a way that is sustainable in the long-term. The programme also comes with a 48 hour money-back guarantee - so you can try it out, risk-free. Watch the video below to find out more.

This online programme is the equivalent of over £3000 of one-on-one support in the clinic.

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"Despite only having done half the course, I do feel I have benefited so much already from it. I don’t really eat crisps, sweets and sugar any more and if I do it’s in very small amounts and it’s considered a huge treat and one I can walk away from so to speak. Bingeing is also a thing of the past which I never really thought I’d say!." 

— Client email, online  programme

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"I love this programme I honestly do. It’s the first thing I’ve come across like it though. It feels like a secret from general society...I have now finished week 6 and have found this so helpful. I absolutely love the way you explain things that makes so much sense and I really feel I can get onboard with the advice". 

— Client email, online programme

Online training

One-on-one sessions

What Is Included?

Build a healthy relationship with food that you can sustain for the long-term

In this 8 week programme you get the tools, support, accountability and resources to allow you to feel more in control around sweet foods and to re-build your relationship with sugar.  The programme includes: 

Weekly animated videos exploring tools that you can use to transform your mental and physical health in an interactive and light-hearted way. 


Weekly missions which over the course of the 8 weeks will help you to build new habits and change your mindset. 

A weekly hypnotherapy recording set to relaxing music for you to shift your mindset and bring about changes in your behaviours. 

Quizzes and surveys for you to learn in an interactive and fun way.


Personal support from a therapist as we monitor your responses to questions in the programme and your progress through the programme.


Email support throughout the programme as you are encouraged to email us at least weekly as you work through the programme.

Ongoing access to the programme for 6 months - whilst the programme is designed for you to complete in 8 weeks, you can work through it at your own pace and revisit the materials as often as you need to in this 6 month period. 


Weekly reading materials filled with resources, tools and knowledge to help guide your journey to happiness and great health. 

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The Food Therapy Clinic helps clients to make permanent changes to their relationship with food

1. Will this work for me ? I have tried so many things in the past but none of them have worked. 

If you are like any of the other clients that we have worked with at the clinic , many of them have tried pretty much everything out there to stop over-eating and lose-weight and they are scared of trying anything again, in case it doesn't work.  We want to reassure you that this is a completely new approach, combining techniques and new methods that you won't find elsewhere.  This new method helps you to get to the root cause of your issues around food and to build new habits around food - it will also enable you to see why everything else you have tried in the past hasn't worked.  It is so important to us that you feel that this programme is a good fit for you, that we offer a 2-day-money-back-guarantee, so that you can try out the programme completely risk-free.

2. Will this programme require me to completely give up sugar altogether? 

No, not necessarily.  Different things work for different people long-term.  The goal of this programme is to help you to build a relationship with sugar that you feel is sustainable over the long-term.  This may mean that you find yourself only eating sugar every now and again or that you eat sugary foods a few times a week.  For some people however it might mean that they take a while not eating any sugar to re-set their taste buds.  Through this programme we will help you to determine what is the best approach for you and then support you in making this approach sustainable for the long-term.

3. But I just don't have the willpower to change my diet.  I have been eating this way for so long - can I really change? 

The reason most diets don't work long-term is because they require you to use your willpower to make changes to your lifestyle.  However, for all of us, willpower runs out.  This programme is different - because rather than getting you to use your willpower to restrict your food intake, it helps you to build completely new habits around food.  These new habits then just run on auto-pilot, so that you no longer feel like there is a constant internal struggle or battle around food.  

4. Is this just another intuitive eating programme?

This is not just another intuitive eating programme.  In fact, intuitive eating is unsuitable for anyone that is struggling with disordered eating patterns (such as binge-eating or over-eating) - because it is important to first build healthy habits around food and sugar.  

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Reversing unhealthy patterns - freeing you to lead a happy and healthy life.

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Do you feel out of control when you start eating sweet foods? Do you find that you just can't seem to stop at one biscuit, one slice of cake or one piece of chocolate? 

Do you feel as though those around you seem to be able to eat as much as they want to and stay slim but you are always struggling, counting calories, restricting your food intake and still you cannot seem to lose weight? Perhaps you feel that your relationship with sugar is holding you back from getting to your health and weight goals?

Have you just always had a sweet tooth?

Maybe you are worried that snacking on too many sweet foods is affecting your health negatively but you just can't seem to do anything to shift this habit?

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Do you try and give up sugar only to find you get a headache, or need your chocolate fix at the end of the day?

Have you always been the one to look forward to dessert at the end of the meal - and just cannot imagine how a life without sweet treats would even be worthwhile?

Do you turn to chocolate, cakes and sweet treats the moment you get stressed, upset or a bit bored?  Maybe you would describe yourself as an “emotional eater” or a “comfort eater”?

Do you just wish you could exercise a bit more control and moderation when it comes to sweet foods?

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8 week programme

Course Access:


8 week programme plus BONUS

COURSE plus 60 minute online 1-on-1 session



8 week programme plus BONUS

Course plus 2 x 60 minute online 1-on-1 sessions



We are so confident that you will see changes to how you feel after using the online course, that if you use the course materials for 48 hours and do not think it would benefit you, we will give you your money back.

Success Stories

Transforming your body, your health and your life all around

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"I love this programme I honestly do. It’s the first thing I’ve come across like it though. It feels like a secret from general society...I have now finished week 6 and have found this so helpful. I absolutely love the way you explain things that makes so much sense and I really feel I can get onboard with the advice".

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Sugar Addiction


Programme Content

The Food Therapy Clinic helps clients to make permanent changes to their relationship with food

WEEK 1: What Is Sugar?

In the first week of the programme you will learn what sugar is at the molecular level and the types of foods that contain the sugars that can be harmful for our health. You will then begin rebuilding your relationship with sweet foods. 

WEEK 2: Building A New Relationship With Sugar

As you begin to become more aware of how much sugar you are consuming day-to-day, you will start learning some tools to enable you to reduce your sugar consumption and to build the relationship with sweet foods that you want long-term. 

WEEK 3: Why Do You Crave Sugar?

In the third week of the programme we will look at what is going on in your brain and body to make you crave sugar and how you can overcome these sugar cravings. 

WEEK 4: Managing the Urge to Eat Sweet Foods

The fourth week of the programme will help you to manage the urge to eat sweet foods and to feel in control around sweet foods.

WEEK 5: Managing your Thoughts and Finding New Ways to Cope

Week 5 helps you to develop new coping mechanisms so that you don't need to turn to sugar in order to cope with your emotions.

WEEK 6: Exploring Your Motivations for Change 

Often people will stop eating sugar for a short period of time but won't be able to sustain this for the long-term. In week six we look at how you can make changes to your relationship with sugar that you can then sustain for the long-term.


WEEK 7: Sleep and Alcohol

In week seven we explore how poor sleep quality and alcohol can have an impact on your relationship with sugar and what you can do to optimise sleep quality and change your relationship with alcohol.

WEEK 8: Boosting Your Mood

Sugar is something that is often used to cope with stress, anxiety or low mood. In this final week we look at a range of practical steps that you can take to boost your mood and manage anxiety so that you no longer have to turn to sugar to cope with these emotions.


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