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One-on-one Sessions

Our one-on-one sessions allow you to rebuild your relationship with food and make permanent changes to your diet and lifestyle. Each of our therapists is an expert in working with food issues and uses the unique FTCM® treatment combining psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, behaviour change techniques and nutrition advice to deliver you a personalised treatment.  You will receive a very high-level of care throughout the process, working with both a psychotherapist/hypnotherapist and a nutritionist to resolve your issues around food and receiving ongoing support in between sessions too.

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What To Expect

Taking you through your journey to rebuild your relationship with food


You book in a 20-minute free consultation with our founder and discuss the treatment options. She will talk you through the steps to get you booked in.


You sign up for one of the treatment packages and decide whether you would like to have sessions in person in the clinic or as video calls via Zoom. You are matched with a psychotherapist/ hypnotherapist and a nutritionist. You are connected with your therapist and liaise with them to book your sessions in.


You complete a comprehensive form and keep a food/mood/thoughts diary or foods list for your therapist before your first session.


You have your first session with your therapist, which is 90-minutes long. Your therapist will use a range of techniques in this session, including psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, behaviour change techniques, mindfulness and more.

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Your therapist will follow up with you after your first session with a list of tools and resources that you can use, a hypnotherapy recording you can listen to and a workbook you can complete.


You check in with your therapist every 3-4 days by email for accountability and support.


You then see your therapist weekly or fortnightly over the course of 2-9 months for 60-minute sessions. They build in different techniques to each session and tailor the treatment as they get to know you. They continue to follow up with you every 3-4 days by email and to send you tools/information/workbooks/recordings to use after each session.


You can book one, two (or more) of your sessions as nutrition focused sessions with a nutritionist and also ask a nutritionist email questions through the process.


You end the process having rebuilt your relationship with food in a way that is sustainable long-term and you take away lots of tools e.g. workbooks, resources and recordings that you can use whenever you need them.

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The Treatment Packages

We want to help you to make permanent changes and the only way to permanently change how you eat is to look at WHY you eat the way you do

There are 2 different ways of having one-on-one sessions. You can have the sessions in person in the clinic or online as video sessions via Zoom.  We recommend having the sessions as video calls via Zoom and this is the most popular treatment option.  There are also 4 different treatment packages available: 

Starter Package

Five sessions, one 90-minute session, followed-up with four 60-minute sessions, spaced 2- 3 weeks apart 

In-Depth Package

Ten sessions, one 90-minute session, followed-up with nine 60-minute sessions, weekly or fortnightly

Total Transformation Package

Fifteen sessions, one 90-minute session, followed-up with fourteen 60-minute sessions, weekly or fortnightly

Premium Transformation Package

Thirty sessions, one 90-minute session, followed-up with twenty-nine 60-minute sessions, weekly or fortnightly. With this premium package you will also gain access to an 8-week self-help programme of your choice and receive 10 hypnotherapy downloads to keep.

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Most clients are able to resolve their issues around food with one of these treatment plans.  We only work with a select number of clients at any one time in order to give each client the care, attention and support that they deserve on their journey to great health. This is a very personalised treatment and we will support you in between sessions in making changes to your diet and lifestyle too. You will have recordings to listen to and workbooks to complete between sessions, we also check in with you regularly to support you in building new habits. 


Meet Your Therapist

Each of the therapists is trained to deliver FTCM®, the unique interdisciplinary method to treat food issues that is only on offer at The Food Therapy Clinic

You will be matched with one psychotherapist/hypnotherapist who will work with you for the majority of the treatment. You also have the option to have as many sessions with a nutritionist as you think would be helpful and can receive email support from your nutritionist during the programme too.


All of the self-help programmes and some one-on-one sessions are run by me, the founder of the clinic. After graduating with a first from Oxford University and spending some time working as a corporate lawyer, I decided to re-train in a range of disciplines which would allow me to enhance the health of others both physically and mentally, including: psychotherapy, biomedicine, hypnotherapy, public health nutrition, meditation and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). At the clinic I have created and now use FTCM®, a unique method combining several of these techniques and disciplines to help my clients to optimise their food choices; deal with their eating disorders; break free of the vicious dieting cycle; and to feel great about themselves and their bodies.
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The qualifications I have undertaken include: 

Oxford University (University College): first class honours, Law with French Law LLB; London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine: MSc in nutrition for global health; British School of Meditation: meditation teacher training; NLP Life Training: qualified practitioner of NLP and clinical hypnosis (training with the creator of NLP, Richard Bandler and studying hypnosis with Paul McKenna); College of Naturopathic Medicine: biomedicine course; and the National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy: hypnotherapy and psychotherapy advanced diploma

I am registered with:

The National Society of Talking Therapies; The Complementary and National Healthcare Council; The Association for Nutrition; and the UKCP.



Heather is trained as an Advanced Psychotherapeutic Counsellor and Hypnotherapist and loves helping people to rebuild a more positive relationship with food. Food is one of the most important relationships that we have. We often live out some of our most prominent emotions through food as it often has a deeply interconnected relationship with our psychology, our culture, our family frameworks and our beliefs. Heather believes that breaking down our more difficult patterning around food can be an incredibly healing experience as it shows us where food can become the manifestation of our unspoken needs.  

Heather qualified in 2013 and has been working in private practice for the last 9 years. She always aims to provide a deeply respectful, open, calm and compassionate environment where you and her are able to work side by side towards a deeper understanding of what you are facing so that old patterns that have been stored in the body can be released, relieving you of their presence and their influence upon your life.


Gabriella has over a decade of experience in integrative therapy and extensive experience in facilitating roles such as family support work and mentoring teenagers. She was on a placement for a year as a child therapist on behalf of a charity and has worked with mental health patients in residential homes. 
Gabriella's core belief is that whatever you want to achieve or eliminate in life, the solution lies within. Her passion is to assist you on your journey so that you can tap into your inner greatness. Gabriella works with you to help you to transform your relationship with food and to achieve the lifestyle and the life that you have always wanted. 
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She takes a very individualistic approach as one size does not necessarily fit all. She sees her job as your therapist as being to work with whatever you bring into the room (a judgement-free space) and use all of her resources to find the right 'tools' to help you on the rest of life's journey. She believes that it is all about empowering the self.


Charlie is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Mindfulness Teacher and Life Coach. She is a compassionate and empathetic therapist – treating the client as a whole and interesting person, rather than just a list of symptoms. She regularly works with food issues and believes that unmet emotional needs, or unidentified patterns and habits from the past usually lie at the root of the problem.
Charlie believes that therapy is a very powerful process and works with clients in an integrative way to help them discover what is going on beneath the surface and how they can move on to live a happier life with a healthy relationship with food.  

Prior to becoming a therapist and coach Charlie had a 15-year career in the media as a broadcast journalist, news editor, presenter, writer and voice over artist.  Many of the skills and passions she developed during this varied career she now brings to her therapeutic work – mainly her keen interest in understanding people and their life stories and the ability to use her voice during hypnotherapy.


Susanna provides a supportive and non-judgmental environment where individuals feel safe and understood. Through collaborative efforts, she equips clients with the necessary tools, resources, and guidance to overcome their eating disorders and establish healthier relationships with food and their bodies.


Susanna is a dedicated registered Nutritional therapist, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) practitioner and pharmacist who specialises in weight loss, eating disorders, and disordered eating. With a profound understanding of the challenges associated with these conditions, Susanna is driven to help individuals on their journey to recovery.
Having personally experienced the impact of obesity followed by an eating disorder without professional support, Susanna recognises the transformative difference that guidance and professional assistance can make. Drawing from her own journey and clinical experience, she is committed to utilising her knowledge and professional expertise to assist others facing similar struggles.


Get in touch to book in an initial consultation

We understand how challenging it can be to face issues around food and know that it will be important for you to find the right treatment for you.  This is why we think that it is important that you are given the opportunity to speak to the founder of the clinic before committing to any therapy packages or products. We offer a 20 minute free phone consultation to anyone that is thinking about booking in a session or signing up for an online programme.

Thank you for your message - someone will be in touch soon!


The Food Therapy Clinic

4 Staple Inn

High Holborn 



nearest tube Chancery Lane

Open 9am-9pm, Monday-Sunday

Why Work With Us

FTCM® employs a range of techniques to help you to make permanent changes

At The Food Therapy Clinic each of our therapists has an in depth understanding of what drives people to have disordered eating habits and we understand both the psychology of these patterns as well as which nutritional changes are optimum for achieving lasting results.  Most therapists don’t understand nutrition and most nutritionists don’t understand psychology - but we can bring you the best information and tools from a range of different disciplines that you won’t find elsewhere.

How much money have you wasted on diets, meal plans, retreats or juice plans? How much time and mental energy have you used up worrying about food, socialising around food, calories or your weight?... All of which have not resolved your issues around food long-term?   Imagine waking up knowing that you never have to worry about dieting, binge-eating, erratic eating patterns, feeling anxious about certain foods or making unhelpful food choices ever again - that you can just be free to enjoy a variety of nutritious, delicious food that is good for your mind and body.  How much more free time would you have:

- now that you do not need to worry about which diet you are going to start “tomorrow”; 

- now that you don’t need to obsess over starving yourself, just to binge eat at the end of the day; 

- now that you naturally want to make healthy choices; 

- now that you don't feel anxious around certain foods or worry about meals out;

- now that you are well nourished and full of energy instead of starving and tired;

- now that you don’t get that horrible bloating and upset stomach every time you eat; or

- now that you don't spend every day obsessing over food and your weight.


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What we can help you with with our one-on-one sessions


Online training

One-on-one sessions


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