Nobody should have to worry about food or feel out of control around food

For those of you with busy lives, I offer self-help programmes that are flexible and that you can easily incorporate into your busy schedule.  It is important for me that you are fully supported throughout these programmes and you are encouraged to reach out to me with questions and thoughts as you work through the programmes. 


The programmes would be suitable for you if you are struggling with your weight or with binge eating or comfort eating; if you would like to rebuild your relationship with food; or if you would just like to get healthy in a sustainable way. The options I offer are:


  • the 12-week online Binge-Eating Treatment Programme to help you to transform your relationship with food and your body whilst also assisting you to stop binge-eating/over-eating/emotional-eating and transform your life;

  • the 8-week online Sugar Re-set Challenge this is a live online programme running from 1st January 2021 to help you to transform your relationship with sugar and to feel more in control around sweet foods; and

  • ten hypnotherapy recordings to help you to re-programme your thoughts and beliefs.

Online Binge-Eating Treatment Programme

12 Week Online Programme to help you to stop binge-eating, over-eating and comfort-eating

Stop binge-eating, over-eating and comfort-eating

An online transformation programme to help you to re-build your relationship with food, lose weight, stop binge-eating/comfort-eating/emotional-eating, feel great and boost your confidence and self-esteem.  When you sign up you can expect to: 


- learn how to control emotional eating and to cope with your emotions without feeling the need to turn to food

- learn why you feel like you have no willpower to change your diet or to exercise more and find out how you can get that willpower back

- lose weight without it feeling like a constant battle with food 

- understand how your brain works, why you keep promising to start your diet "tomorrow/on Monday" and why this never works

- boost your confidence and self-esteem and finally find the courage to pursue your professional and personal dreams 

- free yourself from the cycle of restricting your food intake and then over-eating or bingeing to instead maintain a healthy weight effortlessly

- learn how to manage any anxious feelings, stress and low mood so that you feel better day-to-day and don't need to turn to food to cope with these feelings 

- manage any addicition to sugar and re-build your relationship with alcohol

- stop obsessing about food and your body to instead focus your thoughts and energy on pursuing your goals and dreams... and much more. 


1 instalment 

- £310

3 instalments - £120/month

Course plus BONUS  60 minute online 1-on-1 session

- £375

Course plus 2 BONUS 1-on-1 online 60 minute sessions - £475

Sugar Re-Set Challenge

I use a range of techniques to help you to make permanent changes.

In this 8 week programme you get the tools, support, accountability and resources to allow you to feel more in control around sweet foods and to re-build your relationship with sugar.  The programme includes: 

  • A live weekly group workshop each week in which you can ask questions, participate and interact with other people on the same journey. Topics of the workshops include: what is sugar and how does it effect the body; how to manage emotional eating; how to develop new coping mechanismswhy is sugar so addictive and how to feel more in control around it. This will also be recorded so that you can watch it throughout the week again. 

  • A live weekly group hypnotherapy session which will also be recorded for you to listen to throughout the week. 

  • Four hypnotherapy recordings set to music for you to listen to throughout the programme. 

  • A booklet filled with resources, tools and knowledge to help guide your journey. 

  • Fortnightly workbooks to help you to transform your relationship with sugar and food more generally and to develop new coping mechanisms. 

  • A Facebook Group in which you can connect with other people on the journey and give each other support.

Hypnotherapy Recordings

I use a range of techniques to help you to make permanent changes.

Re-build your relationship with food

A recording to help you to build a healthy relationship with food and stop binge eating and over-eating


Boost your self-esteem and confidence

A recording to help you to boost your confidence so that you can feel great and make lasting changes to your lifestyle


Manage stress and emotional eating

A recording to help you to manage stressors and stop eating due to anxiety, stress or low mood


3 Recording 


Get all 3 recordings to boost your confidence, change your relationship with food and manage stress effectively


Each recording comes with a set of instructions on steps to implement to improve the relevant area of your life and/or a mini-workbook for you to complete to start exploring your thoughts and belief systems. 


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