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Binge-eating and Emotional-eating Toolkit

A toolkit to help you to understand why you are binge-eating or emotional-eating

The Toolkit

Guided Relaxation

Scroll down below to find out more about the 8 week programme to treat binge-eating and over-eating. 

Online Binge-Eating Treatment Programme

8 week programme to treat Binge-Eating, Over-Eating and Comfort-Eating

Once you transform what is going on in your mind - transforming what is on the outside, becomes easy...

Worrying about food, your body and your weight can feel like a constant battle and struggle.  You may have spent years feeling out of control around food, turning to food to cope with emotions or finding yourself over-eating or binge-eating regularly.  Unfortunately diets and quick-fixes rarely work long-term to change your relationship with food.  This programme is designed to free you from that constant struggle and battle with food.  This programme helps you to re-build your relationship with food and lose weight without starving yourself.

The online programme is the equivalent of over £3000 of one-on-one support in the clinic.

Watch the quick video below to find out more.

Who is this programme for: This is a course for anyone struggling with their weight, anyone that eats to cope with their emotions, individuals suffering with binge eating disorder and anyone else that would just like to build a new relationship with food.  

This 8-week online programme also comes with a 48 hour money back guarantee - so you can try it out completely risk-free.



Why this online programme was created


“and I said to my body. softly. ‘I want to be your friend.’ it took a long breath. and replied ‘I have been waiting my whole life for this.” - Nayyirah Waheed

Welcome - I am Uxshely, a psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and registered nutritionist. I have built this programme so that I can help as many people as possible to set themselves free from the vicious dieting cycle and to finally feel good about their bodies and their health.   You deserve more than to spend the rest of your life obsessing over calories, food and your weight.  You deserve to be set free to enjoy your life and food.

You will be personally guided and supported throughout the online transformation programme and are welcome to email me at with any additional questions that you have.  I am always happy to jump on a call to talk you through anything and give you some additional support too.

Uxshely x

Having worked with lots of people one-on-one to rebuild their relationship with food.  I have put together this programme to allow you to transform your relationship with food from the comfort of your own home. 


Most people believe that in order to lose weight and get healthy, they just need to eat less and exercise more... however this often just gets them trapped in a vicious cycle of dieting and then over-eating/ binge-eating/ comfort-eating.  In this programme you will learn how you can set yourself free from this cycle - without counting calories, having to follow meal-plans, giving up food groups or obsessing over food and your weight all day long.


By signing up for this programme, you will: 
- lose weight effortlessly (because you stop binge-eating and over-eating) without having to count calories or restrict your food intake;
- learn why you feel like you have no willpower to change your diet or to exercise and what you can do to bring that willpower back;

- learn how to control emotional eating and to cope with your emotions without feeling the need to turn to food;

- stop worrying about how other people perceive you and finally start believing in yourself;

- learn why you binge-eat or over-eat and how you can stop binge-eating or over-eating;
- learn how to manage any cravings for sugar and rebuild your relationship with alcohol; 

- be equipped with tools to boost your confidence and self-esteem as well as to transform your personal and professional life; 
- improve your sleep quality, getting a restful night's sleep every night... and much more...

This is not just another intuitive eating course. It is a course which allows you to build completely new habits around food and to learn how a lot of our drives around food are down to subconscious patterns of behaviour.  This programme will also show you that you do not need to starve yourself to lose weight and achieve great health.

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The Food Therapy Clinic helps clients to make permanent changes to their relationship with food

1. Will this work for me ? I have tried so many things in the past but none of them have worked. 

If you are like any of the other clients that I have worked with, many of them have tried pretty much everything out there to stop over-eating and lose-weight and they are scared of trying anything again, in case it doesn't work.  I want to reassure you that this is a completely new approach, combining techniques and new methods that you won't find elsewhere.  This new method helps you to get to the root cause of your issues around food and to build new habits around food - it will also enable you to see why everything else you have tried in the past hasn't worked.  It is so important to me that you feel that this programme is a good fit for you, that I offer a 2-day-money-back-guarantee, so that you can try out the programme completely risk-free.

2. When can I start the 8-week programme and do I have to finish it all in 8-weeks?

You can start the programme at any time, work through the programme at your own pace and re-visit modules whenever you need to.  Once you have been granted access to the materials you then have access to these materials and any new materials that are added to the programme for 6 months.  Each week you will have: an animated video to watch; quizzes and interactive exercises to work through; light materials to read; a mission to complete and hypnotherapy recordings to listen to - all helping you to build new habits effortlessly. The course will help you to change your relationship with food and your life but in a fun and light-hearted way.  The programme is designed to get you to best results possible whilst making the journey enjoyable.

3. But I just don't have the willpower to change my diet.  I have been eating this way for so long - can I really change? 

The reason most diets don't work long-term is because they require you to use your willpower to make changes to your lifestyle.  However, for all of us, willpower runs out.  This programme is different - because rather than getting you to use your willpower to restrict your food intake, it helps you to build completely new habits around food.  These new habits then just run on auto-pilot, so that you no longer feel like there is a constant internal struggle or battle around food.  

4. Is this just another intuitive eating course?

This is not just another intuitive eating course.  In fact, intuitive eating is unsuitable for anyone that is struggling with disordered eating patterns (such as binge-eating or over-eating) - because it is important to first build healthy habits around food.  This course also goes beyond just helping you to change your relationship with food.  Once you stop obsessing over calories and your weight, you will also notice that you have the mental space to start transforming your relationships, your personal life and your professional life, feeling more confident and positive than before.

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Reversing unhealthy patterns - freeing you to lead a happy and healthy life.

Buy Now

8 week course

Course Access:


8 week course plus BONUS

COURSE plus BONUS 60 minute online 1-on-1 session



8 week course plus BONUS

Course plus 2 BONUS 60 minute online 1-on-1 sessions



We are so confident that you will see changes to how you feel after using the online course, that if you use the course materials for 48 hours and do not think it would benefit you, we will give you your money back.

Initial Consultation

Get in touch to talk through whether this course is right for you

We understand how challenging it can be to face issues around food and know that it will be important for you to find the right treatment for you.  This is why we think that it is important that you are given the opportunity to speak to someone at the clinic before committing to any therapy packages or products. We offer a 20 minute free phone consultation to anyone that is thinking about booking in a session or signing up for an online programme.  Email to book in your 20-minute consultation.


Transforming your body, your health and your life all around

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"I have now lost two stone and feel so much better for it. I really think that it’s going to continue and stay off...My team at work can’t believe how much I have changed! I now have a desk full of fruit and nuts and no biscuits and chocolate in sight." - Journalist, Your Healthy Living Magazine

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Why is this programme different

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This is not just another course that will tell you to eat less and exercise more; to just eat intuitively; or to weigh out food and look at your macros.  In fact this course will show you how you can feel free around food and help you to build new habits that will serve you over the long-term.  The course is different to all other courses out there because: 

(i) it teaches you a unique method to build new habits, change your thoughts around food and to enable you to maintain a healthy weight effortlessly; 

(ii) it takes a holistic approach - showing you how your sleep habits, stress levels, the state of your mental health, alcohol consumption and much more, all play a role in your food choices - helping you to manage all of these aspects of your lifestyle; 

(iii) it equips you will tools and techniques that will not only improve your relationship with food but also all areas of your life - including your relationships, confidence and professional life; and 

(iv) it is the only course out there which applies many different techniques and disciplines, including: CBT, hypnotherapy, other forms of psychotherapy, food psychology, behaviour change, nutrition, NLP, mindfulness and many more.

Sound too good to be true? You can also try the course risk-free. We are so confident that you will see changes to how you feel after using the online course and we are so keen to help as many people as we can, that if you use the course materials for 48 hours and do not think it would benefit you, we will give you your money back.


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