Is this what is really stressing you out?...

“I hate my boss” - “I have too much work to do” – “I wish I hadn’t had that fight with my boyfriend/husband” – “Mary is so selfish these days” – “Why won’t the rest of the team contribute on this project?”….

We often think that the parts of our life most responsible for stressing us out are our jobs and relationships (romantic or otherwise). Yet if we were to stop and become more aware of our inner dialogue– if we were to stop and listen to that voice in our head that narrates our life, how often would it tell us things like:

“You are too fat” – “your belly is too big” – “you shouldn’t eat the rest of that cake” – “you need to go to a new diet tomorrow” – “she is so much thinner than you are” – “this has to be the last time you have so many biscuits” – “I will have pizza just one last time” – “I hate my bingo wings”…

Not many people are aware of how much energy, time and mental space is taken up stressing out about food and their physical appearance. So many women (and men) worry about what they should eat, when they should eat and why they aren’t thinner/more attractive. We live in an air-brushed world, where we feel we need to be physically perfect and eating Instagram-worthy, healthy food all the time. Yet our obsession over what we should be eating and how we should be looking, can have a very negative impact on our mental health.

Here are some tips for what you can do to stop thoughts about food and your body causing you unnecessary stress:

  • Take notice of your inner dialogue and be kinder to yourself. Very often the voice that narrates our lives tell us that we “are not good enough” and often we are more harsh on ourselves than we would ever be to a stranger or even an enemy. All this negative self-talk can make us feel very down and often leads to depression or anxiety. Take note of what that inner voice is saying and try to be kinder, more forgiving and loving to yourself. Don’t say words to yourself that you wouldn’t consider saying to a good friend.