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Is what you are doing Binge Eating?

I have worked with many clients who come to me nervous and embarrassed even to use the words "binge". They have a sense that their relationship with food is not helpful or healthy and they know that they are over-eating from time to time. Yet often they are not sure whether what they are doing would be categorised as binge-eating. Now firstly, as a professional working in the field of nutrition and mental health - I have noticed that binge-eating is actually incredibly common. So if this is something that you are or have been struggling with - there is nothing to be embarrassed about at all. Even those who come to me for help with just weight loss or achieving a healthier lifestyle come t

5 Things Naturally Slim People Don't Tend To Do

Have you ever wondered how some of your friends/family members stay effortlessly slim without ever having to worry about their food choices? In my time working with individuals to rebuild their relationship with food, I have noticed that the same patterns seem to trap many people in the cycle of dieting but then over-eating/binge-eating (and this cycle often leads them to put on weight). I have also noticed however, that those that have a positive relationship with food, are at a naturally healthy weight and that don't obsess about food - also share some traits/patterns of behaviour. It is these patterns of behaviour that I also aim to cultivate for my clients - so that they too can build

Why self-compassion is so key for a healthy relationship with food

How often have you told yourself "you are so fat, so unattractive, look at your disgusting stomach/thighs... you really need to lose weight/tone-up/slim down"? Would you say those same words to your daughter or your mother or your best friend? I'm guessing that most probably you wouldn't be so harsh to someone that you love and care about. So why then are you so harsh on yourself? Maybe you think that by being harsh on yourself you will find the motivation to change your diet and lifestyle? Maybe you think that if you are kind and nice to yourself, that you will turn into a flat and lazy slob and never take care of yourself? Maybe it is now just so normal for you to look in the mirror a


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