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How to help a loved one with an eating disorder

Knowing that someone you love and care about is suffering with an eating disorder or with other issues around food, you may worry about how best to support them. Or perhaps if you are someone that is suffering with an eating disorder or have issues with your relationship with food - you may wish that your loved ones, friends and relatives knew how they could help you most. Here are some tips for those that are supporting someone that has or may have issues around food or an eating disorder: 1. Stop talking about weight, appearance and our bodies As a society we focus far too much on weight, appearance and the shape of our bodies. It is very common for us to see someone we haven't seen for a

Why you have no willpower

"First forget inspiration. Habit is more dependable. Habit will sustain you whether you’re inspired or not." -Octavia Butler Working with people that would like to change their relationship with food, something that I hear every day is "I just don't have the willpower anymore". Many people believe that the only way they can change their relationship with food and get healthy, is by finding the willpower to completely change their habits over-night. However, willpower is rarely what is stopping them from achieving their goals, here are some reasons why: 1. Willpower runs out. If you feel that you can only sustain dramatic changes to your diet for a short-period of time, before you then fall


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