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Why starving yourself doesn't work for weight loss...

Many people think that they will lose weight loss if they starve themselves for a few weeks/months... surely all we have to do to lose weight is "eat less and exercise more" - right? Well not quite. Many of the people that I work with have spent many years dieting. Losing weight...but then putting it all back on again... and something that nobody ever tells them is that - STARVING YOURSELF DOESN'T WORK for weight loss long-term. Yes you will lose weight in the short-term but it is also almost guaranteed that you will put back on any weight that you have lost. This is why the research in the field of weight loss shows us that weight loss maintenance is the biggest challenge for the sect

Eating more out of boredom? ...

“I'm bored with it all.” ― Winston Churchill We are several months into lock-down and you may be starting to miss lots of the things that you usually do. Perhaps you miss going to the gym, seeing friends, going to the pub, dancing, even going to work... and as a result, you are BORED. Yet at home, with nothing other than the TV and your work to entertain you - you may be struggling for what to do with all of your time. So perhaps you have started turning to ... food or to alcohol for entertainment. So many of my clients have reported to me that they are over-eating (and drinking more alcohol) right now due to boredom. They have now noticed that they are putting on weight and not feelin


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