When I grow up I want to be...

When I grow up I want to be...

Thin, have beautiful hair

And a perfect, wrinkle-free face

I want my stomach to be flat

And my arms to be toned

And I want to be winning in the corporate rat-race

To make lots of money

And to have a big house

So I can show it off to all of my friends

I want to slave away in a boring job

So that I can have a wardrobe that never-ends

And buy anti-wrinkle creams

So I stay perfect for life

Flawless, airbrushed and instagram-ready...

Or at least that’s what society has conditioned me to want

But I don’t know if it really is me

When I un-grow up, I want to be...

Happy, free, curious and in love with my life

Just as I was when I was young

I want to ask questions

To look at the magical world in awe

I want to dream, play, jump and run