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When I grow up I want to be...

When I grow up I want to be...

Thin, have beautiful hair

And a perfect, wrinkle-free face

I want my stomach to be flat

And my arms to be toned

And I want to be winning in the corporate rat-race

To make lots of money

And to have a big house

So I can show it off to all of my friends

I want to slave away in a boring job

So that I can have a wardrobe that never-ends

And buy anti-wrinkle creams

So I stay perfect for life

Flawless, airbrushed and instagram-ready...

Or at least that’s what society has conditioned me to want

But I don’t know if it really is me

When I un-grow up, I want to be...

Happy, free, curious and in love with my life

Just as I was when I was young

I want to ask questions

To look at the magical world in awe

I want to dream, play, jump and run

I want to make-believe, to skip and to laugh

And all for no reason at all

I want to be happy, to paint, to sing and have fun

I want follow those things that feel right

And surround myself with those that I care about

I want to celebrate life, love and the world

Because that is what living is for

I just want happiness, joy, love and fun

I don’t want to have to worry anymore.

When I grow up I want to remember how to be young

Stop the anxiety, stop caring what other people think

When I grow up I want to remember how to have fun

I want to go back to how things used to be.

Where along the journey of growing up did we lose the essence of who we really are - beautiful, loving creatures, capable of so much and full of wonder for the amazing world we find ourselves in. Why did society teach us to get so caught up in the superficial and materialistic things that we forget how to have fun and be free? So many of the people that I work with have suffered years of torment worrying about what they look like - and yet the only person they are harming by worrying so much about their appearance - is themselves. In fact studies have now shown that having a positive body image actually helps you to lose weight - whereas those that think negatively about themselves and their bodies are much less likely to be able to achieve their health and well-being goals. So go on - allow yourself to stop worrying and just enjoy your life - whilst it will certainly leave you happier it may just help you to achieve your health goals too.

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