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Understanding IBS

Irritable bowel syndrome (or IBS) is a horrible condition to live with. The constant cramping, bloating, bouts of diarrhoea/constipation, pain and discomfort that comes along with this condition can make life very difficult for sufferers. Yet the worst thing about the condition is that the public health service has been unable to offer much in the way of treatment. The usual anti-spasmotic tablets or peppermint capsules and prescribed to individuals who are also told that there is no cure for their condition.

A range of factors actually contribute to the development of IBS and they include both factors relating to your diet and your mental health. An imbalance of the organisms living in the gut (dysbiosis) can often result in IBS and this dysbiosis is best treated by making certain dietary changes. Equally however, chronic stress, anxiety and depression can also cause IBS. Think back to a time you were really nervous or anxious and imagine the knot you probably experienced in your stomach. There is a reason we experience “butterflies” when we are nervous and get an upset stomach when we are stressed. It is because the gut and the brain are very closely connected and work together.

So to effectively treat IBS requires an understanding of both nutrition and psychology. Most therapists don’t understand nutrition and most nutritionists cannot treat anxiety/depression/chronic stress. At The Food Psychology Clinic we can help you to both improve your diet and resolve any psychological issues that could be causing your IBS - so that you can be free of that horrible discomfort for good!

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