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But don’t you want to age well too?

“I need to be slim so that I look good”

“I need to lose weight so that I can be attractive again"

“I don’t feel pretty anymore because of this weight I have gained"

Many of the people that I work with associate being slim with being attractive. They feel that the only way they can stay attractive is by consuming few enough calories to stay thin. So they torture themselves counting points or calories and avoiding things like avocados and olive oil just so that they can stay “thin” and “attractive”. Usually I ask them to focus on their health instead of their weight - getting them to start thinking about nourishing their body with lots of veggies etc. rather than worrying about calories or points. However there is another way of looking at food which is also a great motivator to eat lots of healthy things.... and it lies in ageing...

Everyone would like to age well. Yet very few of the people that come into my clinic think about the foods they are eating in terms of how they will age their bodies and faces. However the foods that we eat can have a significant effect on the way in which we age. Eating a diet full of vegetables (especially green veggies), unsaturated fats such as olive oil, nuts and avocados, proteins (such as oily fish or lentils), low GI fruits (such as berries) and avoiding all of those things that spike your blood sugar levels (e.g. refined carbs and sugars) is going to ensure that you avoid those wrinkles for longer and your body ages well too.

So when you are thinking about needing to lose weight so that you stay attractive...ask yourself why you aren’t thinking about your skin and how you age too (which is probably even more crucial to staying attractive). Who doesn’t want to look younger for longer? We spend thousands of pounds a year on lotions and potions to prevent wrinkles and fix our skin and yet we could achieve the same thing just by starting to focus on eating healthy foods.

Focusing on being healthy rather than being skinny really can serve you in all sorts of will feel better, have a better mindset when it comes to food, avoid chronic diseases, age better and any excess weight will just happily drop off too.

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