Some common thinking patterns that can lead to binges

When I work with individuals that suffer with binge-eating or bulimia, I tend to notice that some common thinking patterns often trigger or precede the binges. Some of the thinking pattern triggers that I see very often include:

1. "I will start my diet tomorrow/on Monday/next week"

One of the most common traps for binge-eating is planning to start a diet/restrictive meal-plan tomorrow or at some point in the future. As an individual anticipates starving themselves, they use this as justification to over-eat "one last time" before they begin on their diet and make everything better. The issue I notice however - is that very often "tomorrow" never comes - and an individual just ends up in a cycle of trying a diet, failing, bingeing and then trying another diet. This pattern often leads to considerable weight-gain in a short space of time.

2. "I deserve it, I have had a tough day"

So many of the people I have worked with use food as a reward for a tough or challenging day - sometimes it is the only thing getting them through the day - and other times, on autopilot mode they just stop off and pick up their favourite treat on the way home. However the short rush from a bit of sugary/fatty food is very often short lived - and still feeling awful/stressed from their day - an individual can then reach for more and more .... to try and sustain that hit or the temporary positive feelings they got from the food.

3. "What is the point - I am fat anyway"

Many clients justify binges or over-eating by feeling that there is no point in even trying to lose weight. Their low self-esteem and confidence sometimes also means that they don't even feel as though they deserve to look and feel great.

4. "I have way too much weight lose so there is no point in even trying"

When the goal-post a client has set for themselves seems SO far away - it