That Inner World of Yours...

“When your interest only remains in the external world, you simply separate yourself from the whole truth. The whole process of life is to take you inward.” ― Roshan Sharma

We each live in a world - that nobody else can see or hear, that nobody else fully comprehends, magical beyond belief.... but also that very few of us even understands. I am of course talking about that world inside of our minds - our thoughts and the way that we feel as a result. It is World Mental Health Day this Thursday and rather than talking about the prevalence of anxiety, depression, eating disorders and other mental illnesses - I wanted to emphasise that we ALL stand to gain from looking to optimise the state of our mental health. WHY? Because that internal world can have a greater influence on the quality of our life than any of our external circumstances.

- It almost doesn't matter how objectively intelligent, attractive, creative or talented someone is, if in their mind they are questioning themselves and torturing themselves with negative and critical thoughts all of the time.

- It almost doesn't matter how "successful" someone is, if they never enjoy anything that they are doing to achieve their goals.

- It almost doesn't matter if someone's external world seems great, if they are worried and feeling stressed out about something all of the time.

Things like stress and feeling worried are a result of our internal world, our thoughts and our belief system- not anything external. Very few things that we worry about these days is life or death - so it is our perception of these things - our thoughts around "that deadline" or "that traffic jam" or that "annoying colleague" that are causing our stress and worries. How happy we feel day-to-day is also completely dependant on those internal thoughts too. Yet very few people realise that those thoughts that they experience are not WHO they are - that we can control and change our patterns of thinking and belief systems and in turn manage our stress and worries.

Our internal world and belief systems also have a significant effect on the external circumstances that we then experience. If we believe that "people like us" never get promoted - then we are unlikely to take the actions that will get us promoted. If we believe that "earning money involves a long and hard slog" - then we are unlikely to take the steps that could make us financially stable with less eff