5 Signs That You Could Be Struggling With Poor Body Image

“I’d learned to avoid mirrors. They never seemed to show me what I wanted to see.” ― Leigh Bardugo,

Body image describes how we think about our body. Our body image can therefore be VERY DIFFERENT to what our actual body looks like in person and to someone else. If in our heads, we are magnifying certain aspects of our body that we don't like and minimising other attractive qualities, we can end up with a very distorted picture of ourselves in our mind. Even when looking in the mirror or at photos of ourselves, we can then also end up seeing something very different to what other people see. For example, let's say that I don't like how my stomach looks, I may, in my head, have an image of myself where I just see a huge stomach but don't then notice my eyes, hair, skin, other parts of my body or other aspects of who I am as a person. For many people, their body image and self-perception becomes distorted in this way because as humans we tend to focus more on negative things than positive things. This also can apply when it comes to our body, where we focus on the things we see as flaws, rather than our positive qualities.

Many people struggling with their body image will try and change their appearance in order to feel better about their body. However, this usually doesn't help. Even once that person has lost weight, undergone a cosmetic procedure or toned up, they still feel the need to change something else about how they look or to lose even more weight. This is because body image isn't about how our body actually looks. Body image is just how we imagine a