How Self-Love Can Improve Your Relationships

“how you love yourself is

how you teach others

to love you”

― Rupi Kaur

Self-love describes how you feel about and treat yourself. Self-love involves being able to appreciate your own value and worth. It also involves taking steps to optimise your happiness and wellbeing. So, nurturing self-love means taking steps to work on your relationship with yourself. As you begin practising self-love you may start to celebrate yourself and your strengths more, take more time to listen to and honour your needs and to do more things for your happiness and good health.

However, when you start nurturing more self-love, this can a ripple effect throughout your life. Suddenly as you are feeling better about yourself and taking care of yourself, your professional life can improve, you may dedicate more time to hobbies and passions and your relationships with friends, family members and partners can improve too. So, self-love can actua