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Snacking all day?...this may help

With our kitchen just around the corner, less to do and no routine to our day, we can find ourselves - snacking...more often... maybe all throughout the day even. Many of my clients have reported that with all of this time at home, they are struggling with snacking. They find themselves reaching for food throughout the day - which makes them feel guilty - and in turn affects their psychological wellbeing and leaves them feeling down. So what can you do if you notice that you are snacking throughout the day? Out of sight out of mind We eat with our eyes and the more we see a food, the more we will want to eat it and the more likely we are to eat that food. There is lots of research that de

Thoughts that can cause you to eat more than you want to

We have all heard of emotional eating. It may surprise you however to know that sometimes our thoughts can drive us to eat more than we want to too. This thought-led eating can trigger over-eating in much the same way as emotional eating can. Here are some examples of thoughts that can trigger you to over-eat when you perhaps don’t want to eat as much: I have already been “bad” I might as well continue Often once we have had one “unhealthy” food, this can sometimes trigger an “all or nothing” mindset where we then feel that we might as well have lots of “unhealthy” foods. Of course, it is much better for us to just have one donught or one slice of cake, rather than 4... but for some reason

Why we want to drink and eat more right now

Have you found that the only thing getting you through all of this time at home right now is that glass of wine in the evening, or that chocolate bar mid-afternoon? Well you are not alone! A lot of people have told me that they have noticed they are turning to food and drink to get them through these tough times indoors and this is not surprising! - Food and alcohol are both coping mechanisms. They are both things that we turn to when we want to numb away stress or anxiety, that we use to take the edge off a tough day and that we know will take our mind off things for a bit... and they do help us to do these things for a while - but then the effects wear off, and unfortunately we are left f


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