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Why you should stop worrying about your weight

"At the end of the day, if I can say I had fun, it was a good day". - Simone Biles Imagine the future-you, the you that is 20, 30 or even 40 years older than you currently are, came back to give you some advice on how to live your life. If that future-you was with you today, would he/she say to you: “You should torture yourself every day with negative thoughts about your body and your weight” “You should stay indoors and not date/see friends/apply for that new job/go out/live life/do things you love until you have lost weight” “You should spend most of your time worrying and stressing about work/the family/life in general”... or would that future you advise: “You should not worry about the

The Danger of Comparisons

There is only one YOU - and that, in itself, makes you VERY special. How often have you looked at someone and thought “she is so much thinner than I am” or “she has much better hair than I do” or “she is so much more successful than I am” or “she has much nicer skin than me”.... How often do you compare yourself to others? - Perhaps you make those comparisons when looking at social media or maybe you are comparing yourself to others when you meet them face-to-face... and in this air-brushed, filtered world, it can be all too easy to feel inadequate when comparing yourself to those around you. Many of my clients have a lot of negative thoughts about themselves as a result of comparing themsel

The Power of Confidence

“To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself.” In the past year, I have helped many individuals to change their relationship with food. One topic that comes up time and time again, as I talk to individuals about their worries and concerns, is confidence and self-esteem. From my experience, many intelligent, talented and beautiful people have very-low self esteem. In fact, I would go as far as saying, in this air-brushed, social-media-crazy world that we now find ourselves in, that there is an epidemic of low-confidence. Nobody seems to believe in themselves and worse - everybody seems to wish they were more like someone else.

Do you feel guilty when you eat?

"Girls developed eating disorders when our culture developed a standard of beauty that they couldn’t obtain by being healthy. When unnatural thinness became attractive, girls did unnatural things to be thin.”- Mary Pipher Do you ever find that you eat something delicious but then feel GUILTY? Or that you look forward to eating a cake/brownie/biscuit but then feel DISGUSTING for having eaten it? Or perhaps that you eat one of your favourite stodgy, comfort meals, only to feel ANGRY at yourself for having given in and eaten this food? Feeling guilt and shame around food is unfortunately extremely common. Many people that I work with feel bad for eating something delicious or something that


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