I will start my diet…TOMORROW

I will start my diet tomorrow/on Monday/once I’ve moved house/once my birthday has passed/once things are calmer at work…which basically means – I will NEVER START MY DIET – because when tomorrow comes around, I will just tell myself again that I will start my diet TOMORROW

…and in meantime, I will stuff my face full of “just a few last” cakes/biscuits/pizzas/every naughty food I can find, because from tomorrow I won’t be allowed them anymore.

You can see how this pattern of thinking can end up leading to a lot of weight gain. When someone tells themselves that they will be on a restrictive diet plan from “tomorrow” they are basically giving themselves permission to eat far too much today. Repeat this pattern every couple of days and soon an individual will find that they have put on lots of weight!

This “starting my diet – tomorrow” thinking pattern is something that I see in the clinic A LOT.

We all love the idea that FROM TOMORROW we are magically going to become healthy, happy and start working towards our weight and health goals. Of course, we want to change, yet we aren’t quite ready to take on all the drastic changes that our new diet entails just yet. However, the reality is – if we cannot commit to changing our habits RIGHT NOW – there is no chance we are going to change them tomorrow. Sure, our day might begin well (or we might even last a few days or weeks on our new diet plan if we are lucky) but at some point, our restrictive diet plan will fail, we will fall off the wagon and then MASSIVELY over-indulge on lots of “naughty treats”.

So, we seem to love the IDEA of being slimmer (and therefore on a diet) more than actually being on a diet.

The problem with diets is that they require us to make lots of changes in one go. On this new diet-plan we will suddenly find that we have to give up dairy, gluten, alcohol, caffeine, sugar, grains, nuts, anything brown or white...can we at least eat a bit of lettuce please?! Our brains are hardwired to follow certain patterns, seek out the familiar and on diets we just crave all of the foods that we have eliminated all of a sudden. Diets are just too much for our brains and bodies to handle – they can never bring about lasting change.

So, what can you do instead?

The only way to make sustainable changes to your diet is to change ONE THING AT A TIME. Just think about introducing one new habit every month.