I am NEVER going to eat [ ] again...

How often have you felt fed-up by your unhealthy diet and lifestyle and then created some food rules for yourself? Maybe some of these food-rules sound familiar:

"that's it - I'm going to stop eating all "bad" foods from tomorrow"

"I am never going to eat fried foods again"

"I am only going to start eating at midday and then eat within an 8 hour window - I won't eat before midday at all"

"no more gluten, dairy, refined sugar or alcohol for me from next week at all"

"I'm going to go low carb and stick to 800 calories a day for 4 weeks - just like they did on that TV show"

"I will never eat any carbs with my dinner again"

"that's it - I am deleting Deliveroo and Just Eat and will never use a food app again"

.... this rule list could continue.

Yet do you think that your rules around food are helping you to improve your health or harming you long-term?

What I tend to notice is that very strict rules around food - particularly those that use words such as "never" or "no more" - tend to set people up to have a very dysfunctional relationship with food. Yes, these rules are very strict and very clear to follow - yet if you then have any moment of weakness where you break a food-rule, you then are likely to completely give up on the rule altogether. These strict rules can create all or nothing thinking patterns - where you are either being "very good" or "very bad", where you are either "sticking to something" or "completely off the wagon". This is because the brain thinks "well I have broken the rule now - so I might as well REALLY break the rule now&