How to maintain a healthy relationship with food through the festive period

For many this time of year represents a time of celebration, joy, connection and fun. However for some this time of year can also bring up some very negative emotions too. Depending on life and family circumstances, this time of year can also represent a time of heightened anxiety as individuals are confronted with:

- difficult relationships that they have with family members,

- a lot of financial pressure to give gifts and spend money that perhaps they don't have,

- loneliness and really feeling how their personal life isn't where they want it to be, and/or

- a pressure to be "happy" or "joyful" when actually the gloomy weather is making them feel more down.

So this time of year can actually be very difficult for a lot of people. This is also often the case for individuals that struggle with their relationship with food. The pressure to eat indulgent food and drink lots of alcohol at dinners, Christmas lunches, parties and gatherings can cause someone struggling with their re