I eat because...

I eat because...

I’m angry, I eat because I’m sad, I eat because I’m fat anyway

(so what’s the point - I might as well be bad)...

and have a brownie or five or 10 slices of cake, nobody will notice anyway...

I eat because I’m lonely - I’m stressed at work - I’ve had a bad day

Sometimes, I eat because I’m bored -

I’m going to start my diet tomorrow, I’ll say -

so I eat tons of chocolate and

sweets...maybe I’ll start the diet another time

diets suck - what’s the point - I give up

I eat because I don’t get the attention I want -

at least I can rely on cake to make me feel good today...

But I don’t enjoy it anyway - this eating too much

- I feel guilt, I feel pain, I feel shame...and yet

I just can’t seem to stop

-it is easier to put it off until another time -

when I have more time, or less stress, or less work

or more money to pay....

for a juice cleanse or a detox - maybe a nice retreat in Spain

(I need a quick fix - I’m way too fat)