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I eat because...

I eat because...

I’m angry, I eat because I’m sad, I eat because I’m fat anyway

(so what’s the point - I might as well be bad)...

and have a brownie or five or 10 slices of cake, nobody will notice anyway...

I eat because I’m lonely - I’m stressed at work - I’ve had a bad day

Sometimes, I eat because I’m bored -

I’m going to start my diet tomorrow, I’ll say -

so I eat tons of chocolate and

sweets...maybe I’ll start the diet another time

diets suck - what’s the point - I give up

I eat because I don’t get the attention I want -

at least I can rely on cake to make me feel good today...

But I don’t enjoy it anyway - this eating too much

- I feel guilt, I feel pain, I feel shame...and yet

I just can’t seem to stop

-it is easier to put it off until another time -

when I have more time, or less stress, or less work

or more money to pay....

for a juice cleanse or a detox - maybe a nice retreat in Spain

(I need a quick fix - I’m way too fat)

it will be much easier this way

Why is it so hard for me to be thin - I hate my body and life

I’m a failure - I think to myself - every day

But I like those two minutes of happiness I get - when I eat something tasty, something good

and maybe I don’t want to give that up just yet

because without food, I’ll have to deal with what really is not good

in my life, in my world, in my heart, in my mind -

and that scares me - to tell you the truth.

I eat because...

I’m hungry - but not for food that’s for sure

Maybe I’m hungry for fun, for love, for companionship, for comfort, for a purpose - maybe I’m just hungry not to be fat anymore .

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