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Why the clothes you wear can make a big difference to your weight...

You put on your favourite pair of jeans...and...they are TIGHT. I mean really TIGHT. You have to fight just to get them up one leg, you feel them clinging for dear life onto your thighs, you finally get them up and can barely walk they are so tight - and yet you keep them on, waddling around all day - because they are your FAVOURITE pair of jeans. Well - wearing clothes that are too tight/small or that make you feel frumpy and fat - can actually have a detrimental effect on your health goals. If you want to eat healthily and lose weight but are then walking around in clothes that constantly remind you that you have put on weight or that make you feel bad about yourself - you are constantl

The thinking pattern that can cause weight gain

So you've started a new diet - things are going well - but you are finding that by the evening of day 2 you are feeling pretty hungry (which tends to happen when you really restrict your food intake)... and then you get home ... ravenous... and suddenly you think - "this vegan diet is silly anyway - I have heard lots of information that it can cause B12 deficiency" - or "this keto diet is ridiculous - our body needs glucose to survive" - or "being paleo isn't good for you - grains like oats are important for our gut health" ....basically your brain finds any information it can to support the idea that your new diet is a waste of time and that you should give it up - eat EVERYTHING you want t

Are you hungry for food or for...something else

“Emotional eating is an attempt to deal with a tough problem, feeling, or situation we don’t otherwise know how to deal with, and often don’t even know that we have without some kind of symptom to remind us. …..When we strip away the judgement of our emotional eating, and stop calling it a disease, a defect, a problem in and of itself; we can finally see it for what it is: An alert that something in our life needs our attention. Something completely unrelated to food or our weight. Be grateful for the reminder. It might be saving your ass.” - Isabel Foxen Duke Have you noticed that sometimes you are eating not because you are physically hungry but because instead you feel bored/sad/angry/tir

Are you your own worst enemy?

"You can search throughout the entire universe for someone who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself, and that person is not to be found anywhere. You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection.” - Buddha Think of the last time someone paid you a compliment - how did that feel? Pretty good right - (or maybe a bit uncomfortable) - but generally compliments and hearing nice things makes us feel good. Now imagine instead that you were to receive a criticism or an insult - you are likely to feel pretty awful right? - Then think about how you speak to yourself on a daily basis - take a moment to consider that inner voice that

Are you obsessing over food?

Was the first thing you woke up thinking about food or your weight? Did you start worrying over the diet you had promised to start today or on Monday - feeling sad at the thought of having to live off just soups/salads/meat/fats/juices? Perhaps you woke up and felt miserable - immediately realising that you still have so much weight to lose - that you are still so far away from your goal? Or maybe you know that you are going to spend the whole day thinking about food/ the food you are not allowed to eat/ your weight. So many of my clients tell me that they have become obsessed with food. So many of their thoughts are about food and their weight. As you can imagine, this leaves them no men

The elephant in the room...alcohol

Now I post this at the risk of you disliking me immediately - I post this at the risk of you seeing me as some buzz-killing; party-destroying; fun-hating; boring individual... but here goes. Many individuals come to me for help in managing their relationship with food - yet one thing that ends up happening in the process of re-building their relationship with food - is re-building their relationship with alcohol. Now culturally we Brits (and people from many other cultures) drink alcohol: to celebrate at weddings/birthdays; when bonding with colleagues/friends; to make a date more fun; to relax at the end of a tough day; to accompany (and enhance) our meal; to feel confident enough to get o


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