Why are evenings always the worst?...

The mornings are great – I plan so well,

Always some healthy eggs and avocado,

Lunchtime is good too

I’m always so prepared,

Maybe some salmon or a healthy salad.

But in the evening – it all goes wrong

I tend to completely fall off the wagon

I’m tired, I’m stressed, I’m hungry too

I eat more when I’m preparing my dinner,

Than I’ve eaten all day long

More than I’d ever intended

I go to sleep mad

I go to sleep sad

But with a strong resolve

To start my healthy eating plan again tomorrow.

It is very common for those struggling with their weight to be eating most of their calories in the evening (sometimes very late in the evening). The pattern I very often see in the eating habits of those that come into my clinic is that during the day (whilst clients are busy, at work or otherwise occupied), their resolve is great and they eat relatively healthily. However, once the wor