Obsessing... about food

I thought one day I would be free

Of these thoughts - that trap me

Surely they would end

When I reach a certain weight

Or when I fit into my jeans

Then I’d no longer need to worry

About what to eat and being seen

By friends who might judge me

But these thoughts just won’t go away

In fact they are making things worse day by day

I think these feelings of never being good enough

Are here to stay

I worry about if food will make me fat

And if I will eat like a “normal” person one day

Yet as I think about food all of the time

I can’t resist giving in to a treat - it will make me feel better I say

Yet I’m crying myself to sleep, feeling bad most of my life

After binge eating one more time

Or using food to cope with sadness

And maybe boredom and wishes to be

Stress-free, I think I may be depressed

This food seems like a poisonous cure

To everything that’s troubling me