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Why You Can’t Stick to Your Diet or Exercise Regime

"Does refusing to go to the gym count as resistance training?"

Most people cannot stick to a diet or exercise regime. Why is that? Why do you do so well for a few weeks or a few months even - only then to slowly slip into bad habits and then notice that you are back where you started off, not exercising, eating lots of unhealthy food and wishing that you had never fallen off the wagon.

The reason that most people can’t stick to a diet or exercise plan is because they assume that their will-power controls their choices. However it is actually a much more primitive part of our brain - an almost animalistic part of our brain (not the willpower part) - that dictates the majority of our habits. We perform most of our behaviours around food on auto-pilot mode... just reaching for the same food day after day. Similarly for exercise - we just do the activities that we have done before - that we have built the habit of engaging in... and this primitive part of our brain is also very resistant to change or doing anything out of its comfort zone.

Some people describe to me that they feel like they have no willpower - and this is because willpower really can only take you so far - maybe to the 1 month mark... or maybe only to the 2 day mark... before your automatic habits then start kicking back in.

This is why - in order to change for the long-term - you need to change your automatic patterns of behaviour. You need to build new habits. You need to train that automatic part of your brain. You need to change your thinking and your habits before you even TRY to change your behaviours - otherwise different parts of your brain will be in battle with one another. Otherwise there will always be that primitive part of your brain that is fighting with you to just have “one last” cupcake or deep-fried meal - trying to wear your willpower down.

An incredibly effective tool that I use to re-train the automatic part of the brain and build new habits around food is hypnotherapy. If you would like to start re-training your brain to build new habits around food and cannot come into the clinic for some sessions, you can buy my hypnotherapy recording to change your food related behaviours. This is usually priced at £35 but for this week only, I will be selling the recording and the full set of instructions to change your food-related habits for just £25. Listened to regularly, this recording can powerfully ensure that you build new habits and new patterns of thinking - so that changing your diet doesn’t feel like a constant struggle or battle.

You can buy the recording here:

(This limited offer expires on the 8th October).

“Habits are safer than rules; you don’t have to watch them. And you don’t have to keep them either. They keep you.” ―Frank Hall Crane
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