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What causes binge eating?

"I can't even count the number of times I've obliterated my diet with a binge session. One second, I'm floating along just fine, four days into a successful low-carb lifestyle. The next? I'm standing alone in a dark kitchen, eating a sleeve of Ritz crackers and cream cheese with a spoon.” - Rachel Hollis You hate that know the one where you feel as though you have completely lost control...almost as though you have gone into a strange trance-state and someone else has taken over your body and is encouraging you and eat and eat and eat - until you feel uncomfortably full..guilty...horrible...embarrassed. So why is it that you are so in control when it comes to so many a

PERFECTLY EXHAUSTED...the downsides of those high standards

“Good enough is good enough. Perfect will make you a big fat mess every time.” ― Rebecca Wells You want to do well. You have been told that you are made for great success. You were the top of your class at school. You did really well at university. You were always one of the best liked in your friendship circles. That and you somehow manage to look great all of the time too. So you continue aiming high in your life…you continue striving for perfection. Working harder at work (so you can earn the money and have the success someone with your abilities deserves), working harder at the gym (so you can maintain that great physique) and working harder to please those around you (so that you can re


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