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Why can some people eat whatever they want...and not put on weight?

Have you ever wondered how some people seem to be able to eat desserts after their meals, cakes every now and again, pizza whenever they want to.... and yet never seem to put on any weight? Have you always thought it was just that you “have a slow metabolism” or because you “just have “bad” genes” that you struggle with your weight? ... Have you always thought it was unfair that you only have to LOOK at something unhealthy and you seem to put on weight?... Well there is one reason that some people may be able to get away with eating more calories, a wider range of foods, having a dessert every now and again ...without it having any negative effects on their bodies - and it relates to what is

Don’t be your own worst enemy

If you had a friend and you told her everyday That she was too fat, that her thighs were too big, that her stomach needed to be more flat... if you had a friend and you were angry at her most of the time For not having smaller hips, for not having smaller curves, for having hair that was too fine If you had a friend and you only ever criticised how she looked Telling her she wasn’t good enough, telling her that her body was shameful, treating her with disgust... Do you think she would feel good? Would she even want you in your life? Would you allow yourself to treat someone else this way? Would you think you were being kind? So why then are you talking to yourself this way? Why do you


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